“Wishful Thinking, Callous Lie” -Bility Terms Koijee’s Assertion of CDC-CPP Collabo

MONROVIA – On the cusp of the 2023 presidential and general elections, contending political institutions and their stalwarts are leaving no stones unturned in upending one another, evidenced by what is currently trending between the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP). Responding to CDC Secretary General Jefferson Koijee’s year-end statement he made Thursday, December 29, 2022 where he Koijee insinuated that the CDC is contemplating forming an alliance with the CPP, and that negotiations to that effect are ongoing with some high-ranking officials of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), CPP National Chairman Musa Hassan Bility says such shameful and callous lies emanating from Koijee are figments of his imagination.

“This is not only wishful thinking on the part of the CDC regime that has lost its way, but a shameful and callous lie intended to sow seeds of discord and confusion within the ranks of the CPP and in the minds of the Liberian people and draw attention away from the dismal performance of the CDC administration over the past five years. Even after five years of squandering the nation’s resources, and most recently embarking on an almost two-month jolly-jolly vacation, during which $1.5 Million of taxpayers’ money was wasted, President George Weah and the CDC remain insensitive, unaccountable and unapologetic to the Liberian people,” Chairman Bility blasted.

Making the assertion in a press release issued Thursday, the CPP stated unequivocally to the CDC that neither the Alternative National Congress nor the Liberty Party needs any patronage from its wicked regime that has outlived its usefulness and rejects any “contemplation” that it may have of a collaboration.

“The CPP also assures the public that there is absolutely no conversation taking place between the CDC and any high-ranking officers of the CPP concerning any form of collaboration.

“The CPP assures the Liberian people that its Constituent Parties and partners remain committed to its agenda for socio-economic advancement, democratic consolidation, and making the failed regime of President Weah a one-term Presidency. The CPP also remains focused on its objective of relieving the Liberian people from the hardship and suffering they have been subjected to by the incompetence, poor leadership, and rampant corruption of the CDC-led government and has consolidated its efforts to make its case to the Liberian people whom President Weah and his regime continue to disrespect and abuse and will not allow the CDC and its surrogates to find a convenient escape route from facing the wrath of the people by trafficking in cheap propaganda, deception, distraction and lies,” the CPP stated.

ANC Reacts

Meanwhile, the Alternative National Congress (ANC), one of the constituent political parties of the CPP, has also distanced itself from any statement made by CDC Secretary General Jefferson Koijee, that the CDC is contemplating a collaboration with the ANC.

“The ANC emphatically states in no uncertain terms that it rejects any such contemplation, and restates its commitment to making the George Weah-led administration  a one-term administration.

“Such a statement from the CDC is clear indication of the CDC’s fear of an imminent opposition/Cummings victory in 2023, and a further extension of CDC’s tactics and gameplan to bring about disruption within the opposition community.

“The ANC urges its partisans and supporters not to be deterred by the propaganda being espoused by the leadership of the CDC; and to remain calm and focused. The ANC remains committed to the partnership of the CPP, and continues to work towards a broader opposition collaboration and ultimate win, come 2023,” stated the release from the ANC dated December 29, 2022.

It can be recalled that the newly elected SG of the Coalition for Democratic Change, Jefferson Koijee, on Thursday named the Alternative National Congress (ANC) as one of the political parties that the CDC intends to collaborate with for the 2023 presidential and general elections.

Making the disclosure to journalists on Thursday at his Monrovia City Hall office, Koijee assured that the ANC is willing to have a discussion with the CDC, based on feelers from discussions with ANC higher ups.

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