U.S. Govt Grants 3rd Patent to Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan For Invention of Infectious Disease Rapid Diagnostic Multiplex Test

WASHINGTON, DC – The Patent and Trademark Office of the United States Government has granted Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan a third patent for his invention of the real-time multiplex rapid diagnostic test for infectious diseases. Dr. Nyan is one of the world’s brightest scientists from Liberia, a historic country founded in Africa by ex-slaves from the Americas.

United States Patent No. 11473155B2 was issued to Dr. Nyan recently for another important component his scientific invention entitled, “Methods for Real-time Multiplex Isothermal Detection and Identification of Bacterial, Viral, and Protozoan Nucleic Acids.” This selection which was filed on August 24, 2019 underwent about 2 years of thorough review by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Dr. Nyan’s invention is truly novel and groundbreaking. It embodies state-of-the-art methods and procedures that detects and simultaneous identifies multiple microbial infections in real-time in less than an hour using one test — referred to as the NYAN-TEST. The test targets such pathogens as Ebola, COVID-19, Malaria, Dengue, HIV, Hepatitis viruses, West Nile, Lassa, Marburg, Typhoid and many more.

This is a milestone development that adds another exploratory avenue for Shufflex Biomed, a start-up company founded by Dr. Nyan and headed by him as Chief Medical and Scientific Officer. His scientific works have been published in reputable peer-reviewed scientific journals such as Nature, the International Journal of Infectious Disease, Clinical Infectious Diseases and Neuropeptides, and archived at the National Library of Medicine at the NIH.

The prominent African biomedical scientist, Dr. Nyan who is from Liberia, was issued his first patent on September 11, 2018 by US Patent and Trademark Office. His second patent was then granted to him on April 19, 2022.

Dr. Nyan is a National Institute of Health-trained biomedical scientist in infectious disease research. He earned his medical degree from the famous Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, the Medical Faculty of the Humboldt-University of Berlin in Germany.

The globally acclaimed scientist, Dougbeh Chris Nyan, was once a political prisoner who was forced into exile by the Liberian military junta of General Samuel Doe for advocating democracy and social justice in the 80’s.

He has received numerous awards including the “Humane Order of African Redemption” and the Lifetime Achievement Award in Science Research and Medicine” in 2016; the “2017 African Innovation Award Special Prize for Social Impact,” and the “2021 Manevia Leadership African Award in Public Healthcare Innovation.” Later this year Dr. Nyan was awarded the “2022 Emma Shannon Walser Medal for Rule of Law, Good Governance and Patriotism,” and the 2022 Alpha Phi Alpha Awards of Honors for Science Research and Public Health Advocacy.”

In an effort of giving back to society, for about five months since August 2022, Dr. Nyan has taught and lecture at various medical and academic institutions as an unpaid-volunteer visiting professor in Liberia including the Monrovia College, Harbel College, AME University, United Methodist University, and the Harbel Firestone Duside Hospital, among others. In Ghana, he presented at the Noguchi Memorial Medical Research Institute of the University of Ghana – Legon.

Dr. Nyan is currently training about 30 students on the Nyan Scholarship Program (NSP) in medicine, nursing, midwifery, and public health in Liberia. Twelve of these students are scheduled to graduate at the end of the coming academic year.

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