LP Slams Nyonblee, others -For misinterpreting Supreme Court order

The Liberty Party (LP) said it has witnessed, with “utter dismay, the many false information and outright lies promulgated over the past four (4) days, by several former LP Officials, regarding the instructions from Supreme Court Justice Jemima Wolokollie in the matter of the Petition for Prohibition filed by Sen. Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, Sen. Steve Zargo, and Mr. Jacob Smith”. 

In a release issued late evening yesterday by the party, signed and approved by Messrs. Martin Kollah and Musa Hassan Bility, Secretary General and Chairman respectively said on April 29, 2022, Justice Wolokollie held a conference with all parties to the case, during which she instructed the National Elections Commission (NEC) to, within 72 hours, have the parties review the amended LP Constitution currently filed at the Commission to ensure that it encompassed the agreements outlined in the October 2021 Farmington MOU and to submit said amended LP Constitution to her chambers for verification.

“Immediately after the conference, the Petitioners and their supporters took to the media to promulgate a false narrative and propaganda that Justice Wolokollie had, instead, instructed the withdrawal of the LP Constitution from the Commission. While the behavior of these former LP officials has been extremely distasteful, today’s Press Conference by Sen. Karnga-Lawrence is a clear indication of the vile intent of these individuals for the Party.

“That Sen. Karnga-Lawrence would choose to continuously and publicly denigrate LP, and misrepresent truths that are a matter of record, is utterly despicable, cruel and callous. We are in complete disbelief that she would stoop to this new level of low and are now completely convinced that her only intent is to drag the LP through the mud in an effort to further her own personal ambitions. The actions of the Senator over the past year have bordered on delusion but today’s devilry is proof that she has gone completely over the edge.” said National Chairman, Musa Hassan Bility.

The party said it maintains, as it always has, that it will continue to follow the Rule of Law to ensure that the Party is protected from those who would want to see it destroyed due to their insatiable quench for power. It is clear that these actions are a last ditch effort of individuals who have come to the end of their road and, knowing that full exposure is imminent, decided to bring the “house” down with them.

“As such, LP has intentionally and specifically taken the decision to not engage in a media war or have this case tried in a court of propaganda as Sen. Karnga-Lawrence and her cohorts would want. LP has complied with Justice Wolokollie’s instructions and we await her final ruling in the matter, which we anticipate and hope will come within a few days.

“We call on all Party Officials, partisans, supporters, and well-wishers to refrain from being pulled into this intentional debacle and to resist the urge to put up a defense to the myriad of lies, castigations and aspersions being spewed as the clearest evidence against the falsehoods will be provided through the court ruling. We appreciate that this is a difficult ask for many but have resolved that doing otherwise would only serve to feed into the whims and caprices of diabolical individuals”.

The release concluded by calling on all partisans of the Liberty Party to keep their focus on the work of the LP and continue to forge ahead to institutionalize the Party, stressing that they need to encourage all partisans to join hands in moving LP forward as, together, they should be confident that LP will successfully traverse this bump in the road and go on to achieve its many objectives.

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