Big Relief for Burned Bassa Hospital -Liberty Party Donates US$35k, 1000 Gallons of Fuel

Some pundits call it a big political overture by the Musa Hasan Bility-led Liberty Party reaching out to the management and staff to the biggest government referral hospital in the southern province of Grand Bassa County that was gutted by fire recently.  While the LP membership cuts across various regions, counties and religious and ethnic groups of the country, it holds deep bloodline to Grand Bassa County, its political stronghold, whence originate its founding father Charles Walker Brumskine and several other bigwigs, including former Political Leader Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence. What is supposed to be a necessary humanitarian gesture—identifying with a fire-devastated public health facility—also became an outreach to a foremost constituency as the message by Chairman Bility depicted: Liberty Party is safe and strong. So far, since the visit of Head of State George Manneh Weah who promised to rebuild the burned hospital, the Bility relief of US$35,000 and 1,000 gallons of fuel is the single-most donation of an institution since the disaster took place. The Analyst reports.

The Liberty Party has made an unprecedented donation to the General Hospital in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, amounting to US$35,000 to pay the cost of urgent facilities such as equipment to upgrade its services and one thousand gallons of fuel to make the hospital run a 24-hour service uninterrupted.

Announcing this to the public yesterday in Buchanan, the Chairman of the Party, Musa Hassan Bility who has been visiting the county in recent time to rebrand the party, said the Liberty Party was excited to identify with the people of Grand Bassa through the hospital and that the donation has nothing to do with the fire incidence, but to make the hospital to be at the level it should be.

He said the hospital of the status of the General Hospital should have critical facilities to cater to the health needs of the people.

The hospital was recently gutted by fire and some facilities of the hospital including the warehouse destroyed.

Chairman Bility also made known the donation through a post on his social media page. He wrote: “We visited the Buchanan Government Hospital today. The LP will handle the immediate and most urgent needs of the hospital amounting to $35,000 USD.”

He said it was unfortunate for the hospital to be going through challenges when there were lawmakers from the county who should have fought for the county by factoring its interest during deliberations on the national budget.

Speaking on the status of the Liberty Party, Mr. Bility said LP is sound and safe and that he and his executives have begun rebranding the party after losing the county since 2017 when the party could not win a single representative legislative seat during the presidential and representative elections.

He said: “In 2005, all the legislative seats contested were won by the Liberty Party besides the other seat that was won by Gbehzongar Findley. In 2017, Liberty Party lost all the five representative seats, and not a single person on the Liberty Party ticket won. Grand Bassa County had 157,000 registered voters in 2017, but less than 50,000 voters voted for the Liberty Party. That means we have lost control of the county.”

Chairman Bility revealed that his vision is to redirect energies to making LP reclaim Grand Bassa County and restore the party to its original stage when it was founded.

He vowed to resist any means of violence against efforts to restore sanctity within the party while also stating that he will provide security and protect for himself where necessary against those who are not interested in the growth of the party.

He solicited the cooperation of every partisan by working together to ensure the party remained united and focused on the task of serving the Liberian people.

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