I am Strong & Kicking! -EJS Quashes Death Rumor; Says she Returning Home Soon

MONROVIA – In the wakes of rumors that circulated in and out of Liberia on Saturday, June 4, 2022 about her purported death, former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf says the truth of the matter is that she is well, sound and currently going through a rapid rehabilitation process that is even faster than expected. She further disclosed that she will return to Liberia soonest.

In a telephone interview with The Analyst’s Managing Editor Stanley Seakor, Madam Sirleaf said apparently, the wrong message conveyors might have mistaken the obituary announcement of another Liberian in the United States, Madam Ellen Bondo Johnson, a retired nurse, which was posted on a Liberian online outlet, TLC Africa, with information that she has a large family relationship that included the Johnsons and the Bernards.

According to Madam Sirleaf, the rumor about her death, which has absolutely no iota of truth, might have been fueled by some mischief makers to cause unnecessary panic and confusion among the citizenry on the one hand and her many good friends, associates and partners who she is currently working with in line of her pursuits.

The former Liberian President said, if any information about her purported demise was true, there are more credible and international media sources such as the CNN, BBC, VOA, Al Jazeera, etc., that would have conveyed the situation to both the national and international audiences, and not an obscure and quiet arena like TLC Africa. She said, how the naysayers got to believe that the death announcement of one Ellen Bondo Johnson placed on TLC Africa website could serve as a conduit for mischief-makers to spread misinformation about her death beats her imagination.

Former President Sirleaf emphatically told Liberians and other nationals that she is hale, healthy, sound, strong and kicking, and thanked all those that reached out to her to actually get the real facts when the rumors were making the rounds, adding, as soon as she is done with her rehabilitation process she will return home to resume her usual work in the causes she believe in.

It can be recalled that the former Liberian leader recently underwent a major surgery in the United Stated and is said to be fast recovering.

In appreciation of the first-line medical services she received in Liberia before her referral abroad to undergo the surgery, Madam Sirleaf in fact praised the team of local Liberian medical professionals who were instrumental in keeping her stabilized before leaving for the US for her landmark surgery.

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