“We Want to Bury Our Daughter”-Musu Family -Wants Gov’t to Turn over Chaloe’s Body

MONROVIA – The family of the late Charloe Musu has officially requested the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Justice, to turn over their daughter’s body for funeral arrangements and burial.

Over ten Members of the Family including Justice Gloria Musu Scott and the father of the late Charloe Musu, on Thursday, April 6, 2023, walked to the Ministry of Justice with a communication addressed to Justice Minister and Attorney General, Frank Musah Dean, which stated that the conduct of the autopsy was for the purpose of establishing, scientifically, the cause of death, and the Pathologist Dr. Benedict Kulee informed the family and the public that the autopsy report would be released in two weeks.

The communication continues that with the passage of time and giving the grief and pain the family is enduring, they were requesting the government to turn the body over for funeral.

“Honorable Minister, the object of the request is to bury Charloe, so that her body and remains will be finally laid to rest with the decency, dignity, honor and respect she deserves, and in keeping with our tradition and custom; considering the violent and gruesome nature of her death,” the communication reads.

The family has also reminded the government through the Ministry of Justice, that up to present, their request for the report of the Coroner’s examination of February 27, 2023 and the Profile of the Pathologist are yet to be responded to by the government.

Meanwhile, three of the four family members who observed the conduct of the autopsy at the St. Moses Funeral Home on March 21, 2023, have quoted the Pathologist, Dr. Benedict Kulee making some very disturbing remarks/statements in the autopsy room.

J. Wodemle Elliott, uncle; Michael B. Stemn, brother; and Dwede Musu, aunty to the deceased, revealed that upon their alarm that part of the late Charloe Musu’s hair was missing or rooted out of her head, the Pathologist, surprisingly and disdainfully asserted that no criminal would go to a house to steal and be fighting to remove hair from someone’s head.

Dwede Musu, aunty of the deceased, who first raised the alarm about the missing part or plait of hair, expressed shock over the alleged remarks by the Pathologist who she added, should be purely a medical person and a neutral professional.

She said like the Coroner did on the 27th of February, 2023, the Pathologist too, examined the body including the private parts of the deceased and told those present in the room that there was nothing wrong with her private parts.

Speaking to reporters earlier, Mr. Nathaniel Toe, former Development Superintendent of Maryland County and uncle of the deceased, repeated the family’s concern about the government’s refusal to release the Coroner’s examination report on the remains of their daughter.

Mr. Toe said the disturbing discoveries on the body of their daughter during the conduct of the autopsy, have increased their suspicion about the government’s refusal to release the Coroner’s report or share a copy with the family.

Toe recalled that the Musu Family was only permitted to view the front part of body of the late Charloe at the St. Moses Funeral Parlor along with members of the press/media and civil society before the conduct of the autopsy, but the pathologist refused to allow them view the back side of their daughter’s body, but during the conduct of the autopsy, the pathologist turned the body around, at which time it was discovered that her under pants (backings) were removed and part of her hair extracted from her head, amid the political conspiracy theory by the ruling CDC that Cllr. Scott killed the girl for ritual purposes.

He described as embarrassing the government’s refusal to release the Coroner’s examination report for more than a month but instead found it so easy to release a preliminary report of the autopsy in which they said that the cause of death was “severe bleeding or loss of blood as a result of multiple stabbing.

Toe restated the family’s earlier position that the refusal of the government to release the Coroner’s report, or share a copy with the family, leaves enough grounds to believe that the physical examination conducted by the Coroner of Montserrado County on the body did not find the extraction of her hair and other strange things the family noticed during the conduct of the autopsy.

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