CDC Wants Full Registration -Sends Caveat:  No one should Be Denied for Tribe…

By Stephen G. Fellajuah 

MONROVIA –  The National Chairman of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), Mulbah K. Morlu, sent out a caveat to the National Elections Commission (NEC) to take every legitimate measure to ensure every Liberian citizen that turn out for their Biometric Voter Registration process is given the right to register.

“We hear of some places that Liberian citizens have been denied. People must not be denied because of their tribe, religion or status or lack of statues in our society.’ Morlu said , adding, “No one should be turned away because of his or her accent”, he said. He further stressed that accent must not be the basis of adjudicating who is a qualified or eligible participant of the democratic process of Liberia.”

The CDC Chairman made the statement yesterday, April 5, 2023, at a major press conference held at the CDC National Headquarters in Congo Town, when he emphasized that not because someone speaks Mandingo and does not speak English fluently they should be denied on ground that they are not Liberian citizens.

He said there are Liberians who do not speak English, mentioning that his own mother did not speak English until she died.

“Not because some speak Fula he or she should be judged that they are not citizens. If these things are happening, they should stop happening because they are Liberian citizens that should be protected, and that their right to obtain BVR must not be taken away from them

“The CDC Sends this message to the NEC and its staff on the field to make it easier for citizens who desire to be registered to do so”, he added 

Commenting further on the ongoing Biometric Voter Registration process, he encouraged his fellow partisans to register, and indicated that the process is for the specific objective of ensuring President George Manneh Weah’s first round presidential victory is possible in October this year. He appreciated every partisans of the CDC for the relentless support which they continue to show resiliently.

Mr. Morlu told his supporters to continue to show interest in the registration process. “We must not slow down now. We have a few more days until the closure of the first phase of the BVR process and that closure takes effect on the 9th of April 2023. You must get registered because it is a function of your civil responsibility,” he averred.

Chairman Morlu used the occasion to declare the next three days as Coalitions Registration Days, encouraging all partisans to take advantage of the next three days of queuing the lines peacefully and ensuring they are registered to vote; and underscoring that this registration process is important to the critical development objective.

You cannot sustain development when you are not a voter, he said, adding that the party made it a revolutionary mandate to every member of the party to ensure registration is prioritized, stating clearly that moving forward members of the party will be judged by their voting card.

If you don’t have your card there will be some problem in the future, particularly as a leader of the party who will not display a BVR card when required will be subjected to internal measures that may not be prudent for anyone in the party. Unless you are a registered voter you have no political relevance, CDC Chairman warned.

One million citizens rally is important but will do nothing or will do little to contribute to the legitimacy of the President’s reelection reality. We are determined to win this election in the first round. It is an achievable objective, because we are opposed by a fragmented opposition that has no strength. 

CDC is determined to ensure a mammoth political victory will take place in the first round. President Weah has created the basis for a chance that you can see, according to Mr. Morlu. He said the CDC Standard Bearer has demonstrated a realistic change that has impacted lives in communities – paying of WASSCE fees, free tuition to public colleges and universities, and the construction of the Invisible Park inclusive of children playground. 

He went on further to say that the second term of President Weah presidency is building on the foundation of the Change for Hope, saying change has come. The second term is required of the presidency to construct upon existing change. We will protect the change and sustain it democratically.

Speaking furthered, he alleged that members of the opposition have reverted to buying of voter registration cards for the only purpose of destroying them therefore, he cautioned his partisans not to sell their voter cards to anyone, adding that it so through the cards and by voting for President Weah that their lives will be transformed.

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