Rowan University’s Rowan College Invites Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan -To Speak on COVID-19 Pandemic Geopolitical Impact

Rowan University’s Rowan College at Burlington in New Jersey has invited Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan for the second time to speak at the College’s Division of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics seminar series.

Dr. Nyan, a renowned US-based African infectious diseases expert from Liberia, will be speaking on the topic, COVID-19 Pandemic – Origin, Global Health Response and Geopolitical Implication.

Since the outbreak, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely overwhelmed healthcare systems around the world, having an effect on the diagnosis and treatment of other diseases as well as a negative impact national economies and political systems.

Throughout the pandemic Dr. Nyan, who is also a social political activist, has been addressing the various aspects of the pandemic impact on humanity, particularly on the US and African populations as well as their economies.

In poorer tropical countries for example, diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS appeared to have gained less attention during this pandemic, while their economies have been struggling unlike those of the developed countries.

In June 2020, Rowan College invited Dr. Nyan to speak to students, faculty and staff in a virtual presentation on the evolution of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the US response and how Africa was handling the pandemic.

With this brilliant presentation, “We want you [Dr. Nyan] to come back, if you don’t mind, to speak to us again in a larger auditorium when most of the students are back on campus,” said Dr. Edem Gerald Tetteh, Dean of the Science College.

Dr. Nyan’s lecture at this STEM presentation will take place on Friday, 25 th February 2022 at 1:00 pm US Eastern Standard Time on the campus of the Rowan College’s Division of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and will also be accessible via Google Meet at this LINK for those interested in participating virtually. By Jana-Astrid Schäfer.

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