CSO Rubbishes Smear Campaign Against Bea Mountain -Calls For Speedy Investigation In Recent Accident In Cape Mount

A civil society group under the banner, “Cape Mount Intellectuals for Sustainable Development” has trashed and strongly described a recent publication made by an online media platform, “The DayLight”, against the Bea Mountain Mining Corporation as a negative propaganda and political tactics aims at putting the company against the Liberian people.

It can be recalled that “The DayLight” online platform in its February 21, 2022’s publication, alleged that a Bea Mountain truck carrying 24 metric tons of ammonium nitrate, which has caused some of the deadliest explosions in human history, crashed by a roadside in Sinje, Grand Cape Mount County in the early hours of last Saturday.

The online media institution further claimed that minutes after the accident, the company dispatched a team of workers from its chemical department, who teamed up with experts from the Environmental Protection Agency to clear the scene of the accident.

But sharply reacting to the publication Tuesday, the Cape Mount Intellectuals for Sustainable Development termed as disappointing, biased, cheap journalism and unacceptable for a media entity to totally politicize an accident case, instead of prioritizing the life and welfare of citizens who were onboard when the unfortunate situation occurred.

“For sake of clarity, and as far as our investigation can reveal, Bea Mountain has been one of Liberia’s most tax compliance companies that has always committed to its portion of the Mineral Development Agreement, evidence by the erection of physical structures, capacity building, education empowerment, and road connectivity.

Significant improvement in the lives of citizens of Grand Cape Mount county couple with basic economic activities have been some major priorities of the company for their over decade of operating in Liberia.

We are also cognizant of the many contributions and intervention being made by the company to our education sector through financial aid for thousands of Liberians, and could continue to name countless of interventions being made which you ” The DayLight ” chose to run with the negatives which is far lesser than positives.” The statement added.

According to Grand Cape Mount County based civil society group also stressed that it is important for the media platform to be cognizant that accident is inevitable and happens unexpectedly to anyone at anytime regardless your status.

The group further indicated that the lack of coherence, out of order and poorly written political story without the ABC method of journalism by a purported news reporter is intended to distract the focus of national government and the citizens of Cape Mount from the many developmental activities being carried by the Bea Mountain Mining Corporation in the county.

“With regards to the assertion that it is not established whether the company sought approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) before importing and transporting such sensitive product, it would be naive for you to think that a well established institution, versed in what they do would smuggle such product for unscrupulous purposes.

We think it is a paradox when you say that the company dispatched some of its chemists along with some EPA experts to assess the situation which should indicate that every operation being carried out by the company is legal.” The statement stressed.

CISD has also called on the people of Liberia, especially citizens of the county not to give what it terms as a blackmailing article from ” The DayLight ” online media platform any credence, thereby cautioning the platform owners to always hear from all sides involved into a specific development by applying the accurate, balance and credible investigative techniques before a full publication to the public.

At the same time, the Cape Mount Intellectuals for Sustainable Development is calling on national government through the Liberia National Police to speedily come up with all facts gathered following its ongoing full scale investigation and communicate the necessary to the people of Grand Cape Mount.

The group also expressed optimism that the LNP will remain as impartial and professional as it has always been during the course of the investigation, thereby calling on citizens and the management of Bea Mountain Mining Corporation to keep calm.

Meanwhile, the Cape Mount Intellectuals for Sustainable Development has admonished the management of Bea Mountain Mining Corporation to neither get distracted not feel deterred by the negative propaganda coming from any biased online media institution.

The group further told the institution’s management to continue its countless contributions to the growth and development of the country, including its support to Liberia’s revenue generation process.

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