“Come To Your Alternative Home” -PLP’s Cassell Extends Open Arms To Disenchanted CPP, CDC Partisans

Ahead of the 2023 general and presidential elections in Liberia, the Standard Bearer of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, says the PLP remains the favorite and best suited opposition fully positioned to democratically capture state power  as evidenced by its unwavering commitments and contributions towards alleviating the numerous constraints confronting Liberian and its.

Dr. Cassell observed that the growing wave of impasse within the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) and the high level of frustration and disenchantment among partisans and supporters of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) have placed the PLP in a better position to lead the country.

The CPP has been faced with internal wrangling and multiple lawsuits against one another. The situation led to the departure of the former ruling Unity Party (UP), from the collaboration.

As a result of the situation, many Liberians believed that the opposition community, particularly leaders within the CPP, is “disorganized” and should not be taken seriously.

But Dr. Cassell called on Liberians to desist from casting aspersion on other opposition politicians and their leaders due to the dismal performance and failure of leaders of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) to hold together.

He made these comments when he appeared as guest on OK FM afternoon show on Monday, February 21.

Dr. Cassell pointed out that the crumbling of the CPP does not represent the “fate of the entire opposition community in Liberia”.

He made these comments when he appeared as guest on OK FM afternoon show on Monday, February 21, 2022.

He added that with the current level of rigmarole within the CPP, leaders of the collaboration have shown to Liberians their “inability to maturely resolve interpersonal conflicts”.

He observed that leaders and executives of the CPP did not govern themselves accordingly from the genesis of the internal wrangling within the collaboration.

Dr. Cassell noted that despite being an opposition political party, the PLP continues to position itself by changing the dynamics of politics in Liberia to become the country’s next ruling party.

He added that leaders of the collaboration cannot be trusted to handle complex and severe issues confronting Liberia and its citizens in the future due to their failure to presently hold together and resolve conflicts among themselves

“I cannot speak for the entire opposition community; I can speak for the PLP. The PLP is positioning itself to be the replacement of this current CDC administration. The CPP’s demise or collapse does not represent the fate of all opposition political parties-in particular the PLP, no. you cannot crucify the entire opposition community because of the sins of the CPP. PLP is not part of CPP and so, you cannot say all opposition politicians are the same”.

He emphasized that the PLP remains focused on finding solutions to the mountainous problems confronting Liberia and its citizens, instead of being involved into “drama”.

“PLP who I represent and speak on behalf of has demonstrated leadership ability in every aspect of things that we do or say and how we proffer efforts towards moving our country forward. We are not into this drama as you see in other opposition political parties because, we are more focus on the issues and finding solutions to the problems our people and country are faced with. I am glad to provide alternative called home for disenchanted and disappointed partisans of the fractured CPP and even the CDC”.

He termed as “unfair” the constant habit of citizens and others to believe that the CPP represents the entire opposition community in Liberia.

He note that though many Liberians were hoping and looking up to the CPP before the emergence of the PLP, his political institution has proven beyond all doubts that it remains fully prepare and ready to lead and transform Liberia and its citizens.

“Before the PLP came, Liberians thought that the leaders in the CPP were going to hold together or collaborate. And the citizens were right to think that way. But unfortunately, they have fallen down frustrating the Liberian people; they have shown their inability to mature and effectively resolve their issues and that is in sharp contrast with the PLP”.

Speaking further, Dr. Cassell vowed to work and form collaboration with “like-minded opposition politicians and political parties” ahead of the 2023 general and presidential elections.

He said the PLP encourages merger, but the party remains unbending over securing the Standard Bearer slot.

He said age should not be considered for the country’s presidency, but one’s ability to solve problems and make decisive decisions.

“We are at a critical juncture in the history of our country; we should look for some of the brightest brains and we should not depend on political will, knowledge or experience to get the job done. We should look for someone who is able to make decisive decisions and not someone who rely on others to make decisions for them. We have to stop thinking about age; I am not here to look for job”.

“We will form a merger or collaboration with likeminded opposition politicians and political parties, but we will not come second to anyone because of the vision we have for our people. We believe that nobody is best suited to adequately implement our vision unless ourselves. We will hold talks with other political parties that may align with us in terms of our political principles and tenets which are in the best interest of our country and people”.

He termed the relationship between the PLP and other opposition political parties, including the UP as “cordial”, noting that, “I have not met (Alexander) Cummings yet”.

Dr. Cassell emphasized that the PLP will continue to go beyond party lines by help to improve the living conditions of less fortunate and needy Liberians across the country.

He preferred to promote “gender balance” in selecting his ruling mate ahead of the pending elections.

Speaking further, Dr. Cassell observed that since the inception of the Weah led-administration, the level of respect Liberia once held has not been maintained.

He added that the good image of the country has been diminished as a result of bad governance, insecurity and the increase in corrupt acts in the public sector.

He stated that the lack of foreign investors coming to do or open businesses and companies in Liberia is a clear indication that Liberia is not being recognized internationally.

“How many foreign presidents did you see coming to attend the recent bi-centennial? People get attributed to things or people they see are outright. With his predecessor, you saw the number of foreign dignitaries that came here even during her inauguration with whole lots of supports. As you made your bed so shall you lie in it”.

“When you make international contacts with people who are of certain caliber and they see that seriousness in you in terms of you work ethics and the developments you are bringing to your country-people are going to come closer. You are going to have supports from friends far and near”.

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