“Liberia Has a Great Future” -American Philanthropists, Partner With Bishop Bimba

MONROVIA : Two American philanthropists who are deeply involved in humanitarian work and promoting the teachings of Jesus Christ have told Liberians to take pride in their country as a nation blessed by God to prosper and benefit its citizens while seeing Christianity entrenched among the people and in the process showing the light for other countries to follow just as they forged a working partnership with Bishop Robert SM Bimba, appointing him as the International Representative of the Star Foundation International in Africa.

The two Americans, Madam Cheryl Robeson Piggott, President and Chief Executive Officer of Stars Foundation International and Ms Rebecca Holden, a Hollywood actress and Goodwill Ambassador who were guests at the just concluded Destiny for Greatness Global Conference hosted by Bishop Bimba said they were excited to be in the country and their first visit to the country has a profound impact on how they have come to see the country and its people.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Analyst yesterday, Sunday, December 10, 2023 at the Boulevard Palace Hotel shortly before departing the country, the two guests said their visit has changed the negative impression they were told about Liberia, promising to convince others of the positive things they have seen and experienced while in the country.

“I was very hesitant to come to Liberia initially because of the negative picture. I was told that the country was not safe, there was a high crime rate and the people were not friendly. But that has changed now because I met very friendly and good natured people, God fearing and resilient people”, said Madam Cheryl Robeson Piggott.

She said Liberia has what it takes to promote good tourism, citing beautiful hotels, nice beaches, good food among others and vowed to encourage tourists to come from all over the world to come here “so that parents of the kids who are in need of support will find jobs to raise money to put food on the table and support their families”.

When asked about her main intention of visiting Liberia, Madam Piggott, a resident of Nashville, Tennessee, USA said her trip was to enable her to continue to work for God and her passion to assist underprivileged kids especially orphans and as “God may have it I have found a worthy and true man of God, Bishop Bimba who is doing marvelous work in Liberia for God and humanity”.

She said she got to know Bishop Bimba through a mutual friend who spoke profoundly of the work of the Man of God and from there regular conversation started through zoom and whatsapp which eventually led to their visit to Liberia for the first time.

Madam Piggott who said she was proud of her Scottish background said because of the relationship she has built with Bishop over a short time and found him to be a responsible and hardworking person, she deemed it expedient to appoint him as the International Representative of her organization, the Stars Foundation International to oversee its Africa Operations.

“We intend to do a lot of humanitarian work in a number of African countries but Liberia will be the African headquarters and Bishop Bimba has been appointed to handle the work we would like to do in Africa. It is a great opportunity for us and also for Africa as well to begin to work together for God and humanity.

“We will be doing the paperwork and hopefully we hope to complete and start as early as January 1, 2024”

Asked about what she will be taking back, she said she will be returning with fond memories about her visit and encourage others to come here to explore for themselves.

“I want to tell everyone to come here, Liberia is a wonderful country to visit and do business, and also to tell Liberians that Liberia has a great future, they are a loving people, such a kindness, the biggest part of business to succeed in life is not the resources you have, not the education, but when you are loving, when you put in time to build a relationship with other people, you succeed in life.

You have great people here, we have the blessing to work with the vice president, what she is doing at her school is very phenomenon, it is fabulous, so there is a lot of opportunities,

Bishop Bimba has a fabulous school and we visited there, we saw the orphanage, the kids are doing well, training the children, making them responsible citizens, raising the nation and Liberia will rise again”, she said.

She said the Destiny for Greatness Global is a great campaign, “it is a model to live” and described Bishop Bimba not just for Liberia but a great asset worldwide, building character and integrity that will be respected by all which is key to building humanity which will be borderless, stressing that “Africa can rise, and be the bread basket of the world”.

For her part, Ms Rebecca Holden who equally said she was excited being on the trip to Liberia for the first time said she brought her the message of peace, unity, hope and change for Liberia, especially to assist orphans in the country. She said it was necessary for Liberians to observe the international day of the orphans held every second Monday of every November in a year as a way of putting a high premium on the welfare of orphans in the country.

Miss Holden who was named as Brand Ambassador of “Liberia Rice”, a locally produced rice undertaken by Bishop Bimba, said it was an honor given her and will work towards expanding the production of rice to have food security especially to feed orphans who are enrolled in the school being operated by the Man of God.

She said she was enlightened about the project and saw the reason to seek funding to secure a rice miller which is put at USD12,000.00 to enhance bringing the rice to the finished stage.

“More besides, I have gone to the farm and Bishop Bimba has explained to me his vision for food security and I think it is fabulous work that needs to be supported. We look forward to raising money for the equipment and others so that the farm will be brought to the level of feeding the people especially the orphans.

“I am also happy for the kids at the school. They are respectful and brought up the right way. We need to encourage them to make them good students and good citizens to build Liberia”, she said.

The Hollywood star equally spoke about the hospitality of Liberians which she described as “marvelous” and looked forward to paying more visits here and working with Liberians through Bishop Bimba.

For his part, the host, Bishop Bimba said he was grateful to God for bringing the guests in safely and taking them back safely. He said God has been helpful to his cause and prayed that the partnership being built between him and the guests will go a long way to promote the work of God and humanity.

He said his appointment as the International Representative for the Stars Foundation International was a good step to enhance his work and opportunity will be explored to the best he could, expressing many thanks and appreciation to Madam Piggott for the chance to work with her institution.

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