Girls Alliance remembers Angel Togba -Says she was murdered

A teenage-based civil society group, Girls Alliance for Future Leadership has termed the 2014 ruling by the Supreme Court of Liberia in the appeal to the murder verdict of the killers of the late 13-year-old Angel Togba as “Mid-night judgement

Speaking at a program to commemorate the late Angel Togba who died under circumstances that remain unraveled, held at the Cathedral Catholic School in Monrovia, Miss Kadiatu Bah, Advocacy Officer of the group questioned the timing of the hearing which was done during the Ebola crisis when curfew was imposed on the country by the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s administration prohibiting all public gathering. The Supreme Court in its ruling overturned the lower court’s verdict that convicted Hans Williams and Madea Paykue of murdering the late Angel Togba who lived with them prior to her death.

“Friends, it is exactly Fourteen years today when our dear friend and Sister, Angel Togba walked this world as a girl chasing her dream. A similar dream, like ones on the heart and mind of every Liberian girl child of this generation. She must have watched Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as she took the oath of office in 2006. Angel must have read the story of the first female president in Liberia and the world over. She must have cried out in her heart “if Ellen did it, I think I can do it”. Unfortunately, friends, whatever was on the mind of Angel Togba, her dreams, her aspirations, only she and God her creator know. Angel, as you all may know, was snatched from her parents, Liberia, and every one of us by Evil. An evil which pricked the conscience of good people in this nation to stand for Angel Togba. There is no need for me to recount the events that compelled our then President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to reluctantly agree for an investigation into Angel’s death”, Miss Bah said.

Girl’s Alliance said the justification for the Supreme Court hearing of such a high-profile case during the Ebola Crisis when Liberians were dying in their thousands, and all public gatherings barred, was to ensure that Angel Togba’s killers were released without public reaction.

Angel Togba, Miss Bah maintained was sexually abused and murdered on 30 November 2007. The group said the late 13-year-old did not kill herself, because she had no reason to do so nor the capacity to harm herself. Girls Alliance emphasized that Angel Togba was sexually abused and killed by an adult. “Everyone in Liberia Knows that is the truth but members of the Supreme Court bench who preferred to rewrite the story the group added terming it the Liberian way. When you are poor there is no justice for you”, the statement furthered.

“That is because we believe the first report. Angel did not kill herself. She had no reason to do so, nor the capacity to harm herself. She was murdered. On this day we the girls of Liberia now and in the future will remind ourselves about not only Angel Togba, but the many other angels from west point, new kru town, Caldwell and all impoverished communities across this country who go through all kinds of abuses and neglect. That is why we are gathered here! For just one purpose! And that purpose is to remember the late 13-year-old Angel Togba”, Miss Bah said.

The statement why not naming anyone to be blamed said the court of public opinion was its only defense and urged the Judiciary to protect women and girls in the country, stressing that gender based violence is at a crisis point. Recognition and as such the court of public opinion was their only defense. The Girls Alliance called on the Judiciary to protect women and girls in the country adding that gender-based violence is at a crisis point. The group also called on President Weah to make fighting crime a priority. Kadiatu Bah delivering the Angel Togba Day statement said girl children in Liberia are living in constant fear.

Miss Bah speaking further called on President George Manneh Weah to prioritize fighting the crimes in the country especially in the situation where children are living under fear. She said there is so much uncertainty in the security situation in Liberia that young people are on edge about the prospects of a better future.

The girls vowed to continue to commemorate November 30, each year to lament the death of Angel Togba, and raise awareness about violence against women. In 2016, Girls Alliance set aside November 30th each year to remember the late Angel Togba.

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