Biggest Comedy Concert Holds Jan. 1 -Organizers To Honor “Malawala Balawala”

MONROVIA – Spotlights on the entertainment industry will be shifted to the popular Fuzion D’Afrique on 14th Street, on Sunday, January 1, 2023 when what has been described as the biggest Comedy Show 2022 will take place featuring top comedians and stars just as the organizers have planned to give  Mr. Kekura Kamara, affectionately called “Malawala Balawala”, a veteran Liberian comedian and culture icon, a Lifetime Achievement Award for his immense and long standing contribution to the entertainment industry in the country.

According to a press statement from the organizers of the event which is expected to be colorful and glamorous also announced that a Liberian International Comedian and Super Start, GGG( Giant German Gina) has arrived in the country for a nationwide tour which will used a platform for “bringing back traditional storytelling mixed with comedy and culture.

“As part of the tour and show, Liberia’s all-time favorite comedian and cultural ambassador, Malawala Balawala will be receiving an honorary lifetime achievement award from the show’s organizers for his contributions and influence on many Liberian comedians like GGG, Angel Michael and many more across the industry in Liberia. Malawala Balawala remains unmatched to this day”, the statement concluded.

The award will be a major development in recognizing a worthy citizen who has done so much for the entertainment subsector of the economy and inspiring a whole generation of young Liberians who are excelling in various aspects of entertainment.

Prior to the Liberia civil upheaval more than two decades ago, Malawala Balawala was a household name in Liberia. It was a local drama produced and screened in Liberia on ELTV the national television station during weekends.

Mr. Kamara along with other central characters such as Karmon Soko, Ma Garmai and Oldman Gondah, attracted thousands of viewers including the little kids in the mid 1980’s because they truly “Liberianized” in whatever they did to ensure good reception of the message.

Attracted by the television drama, one of Liberia’s foremost producer and recording artists, Steve Worjloh, otherwise known as “Big Steve” added more taste by producing a song which went wild among the entire population to include areas of the country which did not receive television signals.

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