Ominous Signs for Democracy in Liberia -Team Kanubah Takes Justice Nagbe To Task

MONROVIA – The National Campaign Management Team of Julius Kanubah has described as dangerous omen for democracy in Liberia comments by the Justice presiding in Chambers, referring to a legitimate contending party in an electoral case as ‘losers who are always raising issues.’

According to Team Kanubah in a December 29, 2022 press release, Associate Justice Joseph Nagbe made the comments during a conference held Thursday, December 29, 2022 into a Bill of Information lawsuit issued by the PUL former administration on the stay order placed by Judge Boima Kontoe on the Union’s activities including a so-called induction.

“Team Kanubah says it is shocking and scary for Justice Nagbe to make such statements while at the same acknowledging that ‘if the PUL is fussing like this over election irregularities, then Liberians should just set their eyes across 2023 and think what will happen.’

“Despite being informed that Team Kanubah, through its lawsuit, is trying to prevent such issues of electoral irregularities and disputes in Liberia’s 2023 elections, Justice Nagbe insisted that ‘whether you are trying to prevent it or not, losers are always raising issues – that’s our politics; in fact, the America we are following now, America is at a reverse; losers are raising issues.’

“Team Kanubah says although Justice Nagbe did not go into the substantive issues and magnitude of the case of electoral irregularities in the PUL which is pending before the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court in Gbarnga, his comments along with his emphasis of the need for the PUL to proceed with its bogus inauguration undermines due process and the rule of law.

“The Julius Kanubah Campaign Team for the PUL presidency says while it takes note of Justice Nagbe’s promise to accept the Bill of Information by the PUL former administration, it was uncanny for him to also remark that our candidate Julius Kanubah should ‘wait for the next three years for another election, because he is very young, educated, intelligent, and professional.’

“Team Kanubah views the utterances by Justice Nagbe as a clear warning to Liberians ahead of the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections, which might again end up in the Supreme Court because of electoral irregularities such as voter roll fraud as happened in the PUL.

“The Julius Kanubah Campaign Team has meanwhile asked all its supporters and members of the PUL as well as those interested in the democratic development of Liberia to stay clear of all activities in the name of the PUL by the former administration including the so-called induction. “This is because the case of declaratory judgment is still before the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court in Bong County; and until a hearing and legal determination is made into the case, the legality and legitimacy of any activity conducted in the name of the PUL will remain questionable,” states the release from Team Kanubah.     

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