AML’s Commitment to Liberia’s Development Demonstrated with 21 More International Scholarships

MONROVIA: Last week, ArcelorMittal Liberia, the leading foreign direct investment in Liberia since the end of war once more demonstrated its commitment to empowering Liberia’s next generation of leaders with sound and quality education.

At its Buchanan concessional area in Grand Bassa County, the Belgium headquartered global steel company awarded 21 young Liberians with international study grants with all associated costs.

ArcelorMittal Liberia (AML), as a leading player in the mining and business sectors of Liberia, has announced the award of scholarships to these promising Liberian students, enabling them to pursue advanced academic degrees in various science-related disciplines at renowned international institutions.

This initiative, one of several scholarship awards over more than 15 years of work in Liberia underscores the company’s commitment to advancing Liberia’s educational sector and human resources development.

The scholarship recipients were carefully selected based on their academic excellence and demonstrated potential to make significant contributions to Liberia’s development.

This investment in human capital aims to not only empower these individuals, but also foster positive change within Liberia.

The importance of these international scholarships for Liberia’s educational sector cannot be overstated as they provide Liberian students with access to world-class education, helping them acquire cutting-edge knowledge and skills that are crucial for the nation’s growth and prosperity.

By funding their advanced studies abroad, AML is not only investing in these individuals but also in the future of Liberia.

The scholarship recipients will pursue degrees in various science-related disciplines, including engineering, environmental science, geology, and business administration, among others.

Upon completion of their studies, they will return to Liberia, armed with the knowledge and expertise needed to contribute to the country’s economic growth, especially in the mining and business sectors.

AML has a history of actively supporting education and human resources development in Liberia. Their commitment to awarding these scholarships further solidifies their dedication to empowering the next generation of leaders and professionals.

These scholarships represent a positive step towards enhancing Liberia’s educational sector, fostering human resources development, and bolstering the mining and business sectors.

As these scholars embark on their academic journeys, Liberia anticipates a brighter future with a skilled workforce poised to contribute to its growth and development.

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