Washington Based Award-winning Business Leader Inspires Liberian Emerging Entrepreneurs

MONROVIA – A Washington DC based Global Award-winning Multi-beauty Business Leader, Maisie Dunbar, has embarked on inspiring the emerging generation of Liberian entrepreneurs to create and manage their own businesses aimed at controlling the country’s economy that for decades, has been in the hands of foreigners.

Facilitating a two-day workshop, organized by the Better Future Foundation (BFF), in collaboration with the New Hope Academy (NHA), on Peace Island in Paynesville, outside Monrovia, Ms. Dunbar encouraged the participants, predominately students and community youths to aspire for acquiring the requisite business knowledge and skills for the establishment and effective management of their businesses.

The ambition, according to Madam Dunbar, a licensed celebrity, nails and skincare therapist, will enable young people, that constitute approximately 60% of Liberia’s estimated 5 million plus population to live better and contribute effectively to sustainable national development and the improvement of their livelihood.

The Founder of the legendary Maisie Dunbar Beauty Brands, with her comprehensive multi-dimensional capabilities, prioritizes providing women and youth with variety of skillful training opportunities aimed at strengthening and enhancing their beauty, and business acumen.

She defined entrepreneur as a person who organizes a business venture, takes calculated business risks for a long period.

She further said, taking risk “is to know that things will not always work as planned. There will be loses at times, or even unforeseen circumstances. But, it should not deter you to give up, but rather motivate you to adjust, depending on the prevailing conditions which you are faced with.”

She urged entrepreneurs to formally register their respective businesses with relevant state authorities; contribute to national revenue generation through fair tax, and strive for specializations in business and its related disciplines.

“As entrepreneurs, you need to observe your surroundings or community for what is needed by customers, form partnerships, and take risks before starting a business,” Madam Dunbar stressed.

She explained that knowing your community will help you to identify the type of commodities or businesses to sell or open.  “This will help you to minimize losses and maximize profits,” she told the workshop participants.

Madam Maisie Dunbar, who is also United Nations (UN’s) Goodwill Ambassador pointed out that forming partnerships is necessary especially, when you don’t have the needed resources to start a business.

According to her, it is good to always have a team or to build a network of people with diverse professional backgrounds and ideas that will help you to maintain a sustain business venture.

Moreover, she underscored the importance of business owners or operators demonstrating good customers care which, she emphasized, is vital for the sustenance of any business venture.

She explained that even in the market place, it does not matter the similarity of the goods or services provided.

Of utmost importance, is your good customers care and relationship established with your customers that will bring them back to your business entity for another transaction. This entails good communication skills, and timely service delivery, she emphasized.

She told the workshop participants that without good customers service, your business will perish, no matter where it is situated, the quality of it, and the affordable price attached.

Amb. Dunbar further said, integrity and honesty in business are cardinal components of success. “As an entrepreneur, it is good to be trustworthy and reliable to your clients and customers at all time,” she emphasized.

Madam Dunbar who had earlier made similar presentations to a cross session of young people at the United States Embassy and Palm Springs resort in Monrovia expressed gratitude for the high interest shown by many young people and local community residents for participation in the workshop.

She further acknowledged with satisfaction the warmed reception accorded her by the people of Liberia, including officials of both Better Future Foundation and New Hope Academy since her arrival in the country.

She then called on Liberians at home and abroad to promote the good image of the country at all times.

Speaking on behalf of Better Future Foundation (BFF) and the New Hope Academy (NHA) at the opening ceremony of the workshop, BFF President, Augustine Arkoi, pointed out that sustainable peace and security can only be assured when Liberians take ownership of their national economy.

According to Mr. Arkoi, in the face of natural resource abundance, Liberia is to date, experiencing abject poverty, with very low purchasing power among the vast majority of its citizens, as such, there must be a deliberate effort by the government to create a Liberian middle-class through innovative micro-economic programs to support Liberians-owned businesses .

 Mr. Arkoi used the occasion to commend Madam Maisie Dunbar and pledged BFF’s full commitment and collaborative support to capacitate Liberian women and adolescent girls with essential business knowledge and skills.  

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