Ali Kobeissi Apologizes To Journalist Sekou Sheriff

MONROVIA – The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) has resolved an impasse between the Manager of Voice of Liberia, Journalist Sekou Sheriff and Lebanese Businessman Ali Kobeissi.

In a complaint dated February 9, 2023, Sheriff informed the Press Union of a threat against his person made by Kobeissi during an investigation of alleged under stating of taxes by an Indian Businessman Jitendra Johnny Babani, owner of the Goodluck Hardware Center. Sheriff told the Union that he was insulted and called a blackmailer during an investigation which did not involve Ali Kobeissi.

During Monday’s hearing Kobeissi unconditionally apologized for his unruly comment to Journalist Sheriff which included f*** letter word.

Kobeissi said there has been no problem and interaction between him and Sheriff until the unfortunate outburst. He thinks the line was cross and he deeply regret the situation. 

Meanwhile, the Press Union of Liberia has condemned the action of Ali Kobeissi. The Union wants businessmen throughout the country to provide access to journalists seeking news and information in the interest of the public. Right information helps develop financial system and give way to national economic growth and development, the PUL asserted.

Journalists, the Union indicated must be able to prepare information gathered from investigations for broadcast and publication. The PUL insisted that journalists must at all times act in the best interest of informing the public and not engage in holding of scoops for pecuniary gains. 

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