LCP Begins Payment of 2500 Volunteers -As beneficiaries thank President Weah

At long last, the Liberia Crusaders for Peace, LCP, in collaboration with the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) with support form the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Health has started disbursement of compensations to COVID-19 public awareness and risk communicator volunteers in Monrovia.

LCP has been under immense pressure from the volunteers due to delay in their payment process. Some people believed to be members of COVID-19 LCP recruited volunteers staged several peaceful protests in demand of their compensations. A recent one took place on August 18, 2020 when the headquarters of the Crusaders for Peace was again a scene of protest by some people who claimed to be LCP’s volunteers for public awareness on COVID-19, despite of the public service announcement informing the volunteers about the time and procedure of the payment process. The payment process was orderly and organized.

The Liberia Crusaders for Peace did announce that the payment schedule for all of its COVID-19 awareness volunteers would start on Wednesday August 19 to Thursday August 20, which is a day change from Tuesday 18 August for proper planning.

In a brief marks to the media the Executive Director of LCP, Ambassador Juli Endee expressed gratitude to the volunteers and thanked them for their patience. “Volunteers are not paid, they are most times compensated in appreciation of their show of nationalism and patriotism, we are however, sorry for the delay in your payment time, it was because the government needed to put together all the papers and ensure the right thing is done”, she said.

LCP Executive Director said public awareness on COVD-19 would continue until health authorities declare that there was no COVID-19 in Liberia anymore, she however, said the decision to continue with the 2500 (two thousand five hundred) volunteers in communities was administrative that needed to be decided government. She said it is government that provides funding for payment of the volunteers.

Ambassador Endee said eight thousand and some more active case finders were recruited, trained and deployed in their respective communities to help with case finding and public awareness on COVID-19. She said when the first six thousand volunteers were been paid, it was agreed that each volunteer would be paid two month- compensation which is equivalent to USD $120.000 or $24, 000.00LD.

Early Wednesday morning, hundreds of the 2500 volunteers queued at LCP’s Office on Capital Bye-pass for payment of their compensations.

A cross section of beneficiaries of the compensation expressed delight and said it was great time working with the Crusaders for Peace family and thanked President Weah for ensuring that they received their compensation.

Ambassador Endee through LCP is a long-standing and experienced social mobilizer and risk communicator. She has over 25 years of experience working as social mobilizer across all sectors locally and internationally.

According to LCP, mayors, governors, commissioners, community chairmen and those recruited under their leadership, street vendors, and concern youth were paid today.

LCP announced that from Friday August 21 to Saturday August 22, payment will take place for the Albino Society, Tailor Union, Fly, National Union of Organizations of the Disabled, Book before Boys, WIPNET, Lutheran Church Women, Nimba Women United for Peace, Kissi Choir, Faith In Jesus Ministry among others.

While Monday August 24 to Tuesday August 25 has been set aside for the National Traditional Council, Women on the Move, Clear Heart International, Young Women in Action, Citizens United for Justice, Muslim Youth, Womenvoices, Family Paradise, United Muslim Women, Rural Women, Girls Guard Association, National Muslim Council, Musician Union of Liberia, Cross Atlantic Crew and Crusaders for Peace Mobilizers, Communicators and Peer Educators.

According to LCP’s announcement the pay team will be available from 8AM to 6:30PM at the Headquarters of the Liberia Crusaders for Peace on Capitol Bye pass and will pay 350 persons per day.

As a requirement, all communicators and mobilizers are advised to return their working Jackets, Mega Phones and tags issued by LCP.

“Please come with valid ID Cards such as National ID, Voter ID or Passport. Please note that the pay team will not serve you without a Nose Mask”, LCP announcement said.

It can be recalled that in March Liberia recoded it first index case, which was followed by massive recruitment of volunteers for public awareness and risk communication across the country. Liberia has since recorded 1282 confirmed cases with 82 deaths.

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