Girls Alliance Honors Outstanding Women Achievers -Observes Int’l Day of Girl Child

By James Boyce

MONROVIA –  Four outstanding Women Achievers in the Liberian society have been honored in various categories by the Girls Alliance for Future Leadership (GAFL), a local female based Non-Governmental Organization at a colorful program in commemoration of the observance of the 10th Anniversary of the International Day of the Girl Child held on Tuesday, October 11, 2022 at the Mamba Point Hotel, Monrovia, receiving the “Girls Excellent Award” in the process.

The program besides being used to highlight the importance of Girl Child especially addressing the myriad of challenges facing young women and finding solutions to them, the program lived up to its bidding to accord the honorees the well-deserved appreciation and honor for their tremendous contributions to both the private and public sectors in the country and global community was intended to recognize and honor the achievements of outstanding women who have made tremendous contribution to both the Private and Public sector in the Liberian Society and global community.

Two educators, Rev. Dr. Yah Donald Gonway-Gono, President of the United Methodist University and Sister Evelina Degugliemo, Principal of the St. Teresa Convent Catholic School, Monrovia received the National Education Award while Madam Mary T. Broh, the workaholic Director General of the General Services Agency was honored with the award in leadership and good governance and  Madam Estelle Liberty Kemoh, Director General of the Liberia Broadcasting System, (LBS) was given the award in Media Broadcast and Journalism.  

In her welcome remarks, Miss Patricia Davies, Secretary General of the organization thanked the many distinguished guests, especially the honorees for accepting to attend and participate in the ceremony, which according to her is to highlight issues and challenges facing young men as integral part of the larger women folks and to elevate the conversation at higher platforms so that workable solutions will be provided the problems.

She showered glowing praises on former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who enjoys the singular honor of being the first democratically elected female President in Africa and Liberia and other prominent women who have brought transformation to the Liberian society and placed women and girls on a competitive working environment with their male counterparts in the three branches of Government in the country.

Miss Loewymai S. Sheriff, Assistant Advocacy Officer of the Girls Alliance for Future Leadership (GAFL), provided insight on the historicity of how the International Day of the Girl Child came about and the trend it has taken in motivating young girls and enabling them to achieve their future admissions.

She stated that September 15, 1995 provided the turning point that changed the history of women and girls across the globe when Governments from around the world gathered for the 14th world conference in Belgium regarding women. She furthered that participating governments at the women’s conference carved out a very important instrument that is today widely known as the Belgian declaration which focuses on the rights, violence against women and the pivotal roles women play in the history of every nation.

Miss Sheriff, who eloquently delivered the narration, said the event got the attention of the United Nations at its General Assembly on 19 December 2011, to adopt resolution 66/170, declaring October 11 of every year as the International Day of the Girl Child. “Since then, the international community and local settings have focused attention on the rights of girls and what they are experiencing”, she said.

“This year’s International day of the Girl Child focuses on girls and women digital generation and highlights challenges and constraints faced by girls and women in the digital space”, she concluded.

The honorees spoke individuals to thank GAFL for the awards beginning with Sister Evelina Degugliemo, who commended the Girls Alliance for Future Leadership and encouraged them to push on and reminding them that their recognition has shown how they have contributed to humanity, and urged the young ladies to be confident and keep pushing the agenda of young girls and women to the world through their recognitions and honors.

For her part Madam Mary Broh, appreciated GAFL and encouraged her fellow honorees to always make impact to society positively because the young women in Liberia are counting on them for direction and assistance. She added that women are making a great difference and impact to humanity and need to continue concentrating on the girls that come after this generation, but that can only happen if women become “Trainers of the trainers and protectors of the protected”.

The other honoree, Madam Estelle Liberty Kemoh, on behave of the media community said she was delighted for the honor bestowed on her and her colleagues and cautioned all Liberian female journalists to be more passionate of the profession and remember that they owe it to the public which is outlined in the journalistic creed. She also appreciated the GAFL for recognizing the works that she does and promised to be more committed to the duties for which she was called as a journalist.

Rev. Dr. Yah Donald Gonway-Gono who spoke at last expressed a high level of appreciation, terming the award as a lifetime recognition for the passion she has worked on in the liberation for girls all her life. She furthered that her upbringing challenged her to doing the extra thing because she wanted to bring pride to her family, country, and global community as well, which led her to dedicate her doctoral research to the service of the Liberian women looking at the sacrifices they make in every sector of the Liberian society.

The Girls Alliance for Future Leadership is a non-governmental organization that seeks to promote the agenda and aspirations of young girls and women in Liberia.

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