ArcelorMittal-Liberia Support Nimba County Inter Electoral District League

MONROVIA –  What is believed to be the groundwork stage for the most beautiful sports contest in Liberia is attracting significant attention in Nimba County.

The Nimba County District league Supported by ArcelorMittal and hosted in Ganta City brings together hundreds of sports enthusiasts in the commercial city in the north of Liberia.

The games in Ganta are not just exciting for the spectacular dribbles, goals and defensive touchdowns, but by the reasonable branding made possible through support of ArcelorMittal Liberia.

Some citizens attending the matches have been attired in red and blue branded ArcelorMittal T-shirts, face caps, as they watch citing plays in football, kickball keen to see nothing that jacks up their team’s collective adrenaline like a monster hit.

Through the organizing committee, ArcelorMittal even provided water for spectators, players and technical staff.

With thousands of branded tickets, hundreds of flyers and posters, big banners, the AML support has largely impacted the games in such a strong way for which more people are amazing to the field to cheer a district team.

“We are not surprised but just overwhelmed by this great move by ArcelorMittal-Liberia that provided the highest funding which helped us in winning the soccer trophy last season”.

“For ArcelorMittal to again provide this support in materials and cash as well as awards for both soccer, kickball categories including trophies, this is something we never saw coming”, ” said Ambra George Dahn Liberia Football Association Nimba Chapter Secretary General.

Dahn described the AML support as a show of readiness to work with its host communities adding that he was excited about that.

Alphonso Glaydor, Co-chair for this year Nimba County Inter Electoral District League equally appreciated ArcelorMittal-Liberia and promised that the donation will be used for the intended purposes.

Daniel Nyah Gboe, Chairman of this year Nimba County Inter Electoral District League said, “We as committee we are pleased for this partnership and to be the first Chairman under whose leadership ArcelorMittal-Liberia is for the first time providing support in to different categories of the Nimba County Inter Electoral District League”

“I am just honored and humbled but we will do all we can to have the objective of this partnership met”.

For his part, The Secretary General of this year District League Committee S. Kannay Ziamo noted that by the backing of the district league, ArcelorMittal-Liberia has bought a big relief to the committee”

Said Ziamo: “for us as a Committee we have been thinking how we go about this as this year’s league has been under a lot of troubling times. Thanks to ArcelorMittal-Liberia for this big boost to our committee and the county at large”.

Diamond Yormie Nimba County Sports Committee Co-Chair who was in attendance to receive the items and financial support provided by the company equally praised ArcelorMittal-Liberia “for yet another support”.

Yormie recounted ArcelorMittal’s support to last year’s National County Sports Meet and see the global steel concession “has always been there for the people of Liberia”

The Nine electoral districts in Nimba are competing in the tournament with thousands of citizens from all across the county supporting them.

The district league is being held under the theme: “Sustaining the Peace through Sports”.

Nimba County Sports technicians have been on site to identify possible Soccer, Kickball,    Basketball and Volleyball players to represent the county at the 2022 National County Sports Meet.

Grand Finals of the district league in Nimba have been scheduled for Sunday October 16, 2022 in Ganta, Nimba County.

ArcelorMittal also hugely supported the Grand Bassa County District tournament which came to a close on Sunday.

As done in Nimba, the company’s support to Bassa included printing half a dozen large burners to promote the event, 150 complementary t-shirts, 50 face caps, 2000 promotional flyers, and 200 posters dispatched at strategic locations in vicinity of Doris Williams sports Stadium.

The company also made available hundreds of sacks of water for players, spectators, technical staff, made payment for live radio and TV coverage including printing of more than 6,000 branded tickets used for the quarter finals, semifinals and finals. 

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