FUMC Investigation Clears Rev. Williams -Church Warns Public Not to Deal with Suspended Member Fassa

MONROVIA – The First United Methodist Church (FUMC) says it welcomes the findings of the Committee established by the Resident Bishop of the United Methodist Church to conduct a full-scale probe of complaints and allegations of corruption leveled by member Daniel T. Fassa against the church and its senior pastor, Rev. Dr. Julius Y.Z.K. Williams.

According to a December 28, 2022 FUMC press statement, the committee concluded its findings and investigations, noting that the allegations were false, misleading and without any documentation to substantiate the claims made by Daniel T. Fassa who remains a suspended member of the FUMC.

“The committee’s report was discussed during a recent congregational and emergency meeting held at the FUMC on Ashmun and Gurley Streets recently. The Resident Bishop of the Liberia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church had received a letter of complaints from one Daniel T. Fassa in February of this year. The committee consisted of Rev. Dr. Samuel Brown, District Superintendent of the Monrovia District Conference, Bro. Powo C. Hilton, Chancellor of the LAC/UMC, and Bro. Torrence T. Toe, Lay Leader, Monrovia District Conference.

“The committee observed that Bro. Fassa’s allegations were false and misleading but he did not seek redress as provided for in the Church’s Book of Discipline. Considering all of the facts, the committee dismissed Bro. Fassa’s complaint for lack of evidence to support the allegations made against the Senior Pastor and Leadership of FUMC,” the press statement averred.

The First United Methodist Church further disclosed how in a leadership meeting held on Tuesday, December 27, 2022, the Church again reminded the public and most especially some local media institutions that Daniel T. Fassa remains suspended from all activities of the church for persistent gross disrespect shown the senior pastor of the church through slanderous and libelous remarks about perceived corruption on the part of the pastor despite of several called meetings to substantiate his claims.

“The church reminds the public to be mindful as spurious and reckless allegations are made to injure people’s character and reputation by many unscrupulous persons. The church will consider other legal options to protect its image and the leadership which serves,” the release noted.

It can be recalled that in the last week, Mr. Daniel T. Fassa has continued what council members have described as reckless disregard for the truth and made allegations against Rev. Dr. Julius Y.Z.K. Williams, Senior Pastor of FUMC, and the entire leadership of the church. It can be recalled that it was further stated then that during the period of Bro. Fassa’s indefinite suspension, he was encouraged regularly to attend Sunday Worship Service, Bible Service, Prayer Meetings, and Revival, in anticipation that the Word of God will ultimately make an impact on his character.

“In an open letter to Bishop Samuel J. Quire, Resident Bishop of the Liberia Annual Conference/United Methodist Church (LAC/UMC), dated February 10, 2022, Bro. Daniel T. Fassa made allegations including an overstayed tenure of the Senior Pastor, poor interpersonal relationship with most church members, wholesale corrupt practices, usurping the functions of church members, monopolizing the scholarship scheme, constantly inflating the Church’s order to have surplus for himself, among others. Same letter was published on the Internet via various Whatsapp platforms by Bro. Fassa.

 “A formal complaint was filed by Rev. Williams, dated February 13, 2022, which requested the Council to investigate the allegations against him with an intention of cordially resolving this matter.

“FUMC informs the public that Bro. Fassa has neither apologized for his wrongdoing nor shown any sign of remorse since his suspension. In fact, on March 23, 2022, Bro. Fassa, in a letter addressed to the Minister of Justice, Republic of Liberia, accused the Senior Pastor and Leaders of FUMC of financial criminality. Same matter was forwarded to the Office of the Resident Bishop of the United Methodist Church (UMC) for investigation.

“Additionally, on Friday, December 23, 2022, Bro. Fassa again staged another attack on the Church and its leaders on two local radio stations restating financial discrepancies and misapplication of thousands of United States dollars and Liberia dollars from the Church’s coffers.

“FUMC is also calling on the media to strive for accuracy and truth in reporting the facts and duly seeking information from all parties involved before reporting on matters to the public. Such practice honors the ethical guidelines of Journalism and is healthy for our media landscape; therefore, FUMC would like to inform the public that Bro. Fassa’s allegations as mentioned herein are erroneous, unsubstantiated, malicious, and with supporting evidence. When given an opportunity to prove his allegations, he was unable to do so and openly disrespected the Church Council, the administrative authority of the Church. Bro. Fassa remains a suspended member from activities of FUMC; and the public is advised not to honor any business with Bro. Daniel T. Fassa, with regards to the Church,” stated the FUMC press statement signed by Church Council Chairperson Bro. Curtis P. Findley; Lay Leader Sis. Diana D. Allen, Lay Leader, and Associate Pastor Rev. Magdalene J. Kiazolu.

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