First Lady Wants Better Care for Old-folks -Builds Decontee Home for the Elderly

After about two years of intensive work, First Lady Clar Marie Weah’s dream of restoring the lost respect and dignity of the elderly through the provision of quality care and support is finally in sight.

A modern 29- self-contained bedroom facility known as Decontee Home for the Elderly has been constructed by Mrs. Weah, through her personal initiative – the Clar Hope Foundation, to render quality care to our senior citizens.

As part of the Presidential County Tour in Grand Bassa County, Mrs. Weah, on Wednesday, April 21 proudly led her husband and his entourage to inspect the state of the art facility which she is exerting so much effort and resources to develop.

Speaking during the inspection tour, the First Lady said the deplorable condition of the Old-folks home in Buchanan as observed during a visit there in 2018 inspired her to build the new facility.

“Honestly, I was appalled by how the people were living (at the Old-folks home). I know that one day, one great day I will be old as well and if not for my children, some kindhearted person will be able to take care of me,” First Lady Weah asserted.

She continued: “So that’s what inspired me. As a First Lady you have to look out for the people of your country, and I decided to do this for the elderly of Liberia just to be an example.”

According to Mrs. Weah, her quest to adequately care for the elderly is intended to set an example for others to follow in ensuring that our seniors are not abandoned.

She wants Liberians to understand that Old-age is a part of life and as such everyone must respect and care for the elderly in ways that he/she would love to be treated.

Situated in the Own Your Own Community in Buchanan, the Decontee Home of the Elderly contains a recreational center, a clinic, offices and a warehouse among other facilities to suit the comfort of seniors to be accommodated there.

Despite the current state of the building, the Decontee Home of the Elderly is not ready for dedication as finishing touches, including landscaping and furnishing are being done.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Weah has disclosed that Clar Hope Foundation is in dire need of funding to adequately operate the facility as desired, urging the support of well-meaning Liberians and organizations home and abroad.

Mrs. Weah said ensuring that Old-folks eat three times daily, access good healthcare services and be kept clean and neat require significant funding.

If the needed funding is not available, the First Lady disclosed, the Decontee Home for the Elderly would be turned over to the Liberian government as a gift from the Clar Hope Foundation.

As he listened keenly and inspected the home, President George Manneh Weah was amazed but not surprised, being fully aware of her humanitarian trait, a quality common to both of them.

The President was practically clapping and nodding in applause for the excellent work of the First Lady.

Speaking earlier, the First Lady’s Director of Finance, Jackson P. Gbamie expressed profound gratitude to private donors on behalf of Mrs. Weah and Clar Hope Foundation.

Mr. Gbamie said they were extremely grateful for the support which is enabling the First Lady to impact hundreds of lives through the Clar Hope Foundation.

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