Dr. Daniel E. Cassell Honored ‘Humanitarian of the Year 2020’

Stephen G. Fellajuah

Against the backdrop of his services to humanity, the Concerned Venders’ of Randall Street and Friends of Dr. Daniel E. Cassell has honored Dr. Cassell as “HUMANITARIAN OF THE YEAR AWARD 2020,” and presented a special designed Mecca Clock to the honoree as his birthday present.

Presenting the award to the Liberian philanthropist, the Chairman of the Concerned Venders’ of Randall Street and Friends of Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, Theodore J. Nana, said it is unprecedented to see someone at the level of Dr. Cassell coming so low to the common people in the streets and helping them in many ways.

The presentation was made last Thursday when Dr. Cassell paid an acquaintance visit to the Concerned Street Vendors’ of Randall Street and Friends of Dr. Daniel Cassell at Broad and Randall Streets intersection in Central Monrovia.

Speaking about the contribution Dr. Cassell has made across Liberia, Mr. Nana said Dr. Cassell has contributed immeasurably to the growth and development of Liberians, specifically through scholarships to students, youth empowerment, and financial assistance to women groups.

Mr. Nana also said that Dr. Cassell’s initiatives spread at all levels of the Liberian society – where underprivileged including zogos and disable people are being giving food, cash and other assorted items in the face of the difficulties the country.

Nana also declared at the occasion his membership his for the People’s Liberation Party, saying “From today I declare my membership for the People’s Liberation Party. I support the PLP and will make sure that I bring the numbers to the party.”

The Concerned Vendors of Randall Street and Friends of Dr. Cassell then presented special designed Mecca Clock to Daniel Cassel as birthday present.

In remarks, Dr. Cassell thanked the Concerned Vendors of Randall Street for recognizing his work, which according to him, started six years ago through the “Dr. Cassell Foundation.”

“I thanked you all for the honor and the very special gift presented to me for my birthday. This Foundation started as back as six year ago, impacting lives abroad and Liberia”, defining his mission given to him by God is to work for the Liberian People.

He continued, “I am here to serve. For so long politicians have used and abused you. I fear God so I will never use you and lie to you. I need your support,” an apparent expression of a political ambition, saying that God will punish the politicians who continue to lie and deny the people of better livelihood.

The philanthropist said he is being criticized by politicians for the assistance he renders to people in need, terming it as a waste of money. However, he said he cannot be deterred from accomplishing his mission to serve and improve the lives of his people.

“I came back home to do something for my country. If I am privileged to have another assignment, who am I to refuse it?   That is what God has for me, he pointed out, saying further, “I am here to identify with and help you in many ways.” Dr. Cassell accentuated.

He emphasized that he will continue to fight for Liberians in his own way because he loves this country and loves the people. “I did not come here to ask what my country can do for me. I came back to do something for my country.”

After paying a visit to Soniwein, Trench Town and Randall Street, according to the humanitarian, he observed that children are not going to school, women need loan to do business and disadvantaged citizens need attention. He said he is prepared to empower women who want to do business and provide scholarships for the children.

Hear Dr. Cassell: “Give us a couple of weeks, we are going to come with solution, because you are not asking for mansions but your basic needs.” He then presented three hundred thousand Liberian dollars (300,000 LD) to the three community groups.

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