Cummings Proves Strength For Presidency -Opponents Jittery After Campaign Closure

MONROVIA: With the long awaited October 10, 2023 general elections just few days away and Liberians begin to rate the presidential candidates who could pull through the victory to the presidency, the Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties  (CPP) have incredibly soared far towards the finishing line thus making him hottest contender which is coming in the wake of a successful closure of campaign held on October 1, 2023 and in the process causing jittery among his opponent.

The closing campaign program which has become a major talking point in the polity based on the exceptional way it was executed especially the impact it has created on campaign strategies political parties are using to approach these general elections, saw an unbelievably thousands upon thousands of Liberians from all walks of life who thronged the streets and communities in Monrovia to show solidarity and commitment to the real change mantra of Mr. Cummings which shows his unique and innovative mind to lead the country.

The program according to political pundits, has served a useful purpose to discount all the mischaracterization and outright lies spread against the first partisan of the CPP as well as making the insinuations that Cummings has no political base or that people do not know him irrelevant.

Cummings has by this rally on Sunday proven all and sundry skeptics and quiet sympathizers wrong and has made Cummings to received tumultuous reception everywhere he has gone throughout the country

To buttress their assertions the pundits referenced the astute leadership quality of Mr. Cummings which led nearly 12 of the 15 members of the Liberian senate to defeat their opponents as either CPP candidates or Independent, the situation that made the government to react negatively by instigating actions otherwise referred to as “pressing the Chakla button” to split the CPP and encourage bogus prosecution which the was able to floor the government and its collaborators.

Being encouraged by the huge turnout, the rally saw Cummings happily dancing to the latest Liberian artists and all the main trending artist where there to entertain the crowd at the day time jamboree and this help put to bed the the myth that he is not a people’s person

The credible polls conducted by local and international observers show  that almost all street talk shows have indicated that Cummings  is the one person who over the yesterday has shown to be most trusted to manage the  economy and create jobs for the burgeoning youthful population and develop the country

Whilst some of his rivals are on past glories and the ruling government is personalizing government spending as President weah’s money. It is a known fact the Cummings has spent over $2million of his personal money to help Liberians of all walks of life be they market women, schools, community colleges  health care,etc and has never depended on government support or used government money to make donations

In recent times he has won the endorsement of more than 1000 pastors in Bong County along and another set of Imams throughout Bomi, Cape Mount and Gbarpolu.

He has worked with the Liberia Council of Churches and Muslin Council for maintaining peace and the spiritual well-being of the country while other political parties are preaching war and actually have brothers killing brothers and putting tribes against tribes for the sake of power.

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    Look, Analyst, don’t kill me with laughter. Cummings, the government is not a factory. Good night.

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