“They Tag Me To You, We are One” -Weah Rallies G/Gedeans For His Re-election Support

MONROVIA: With few days to the deadline for national campaign period towards the pending October 10, 2023 general elections, President George Manneh Weah has taken his pursuit for reelection to Southeast Liberia when he and his entourage over the weekend entered Grand Gedeh County where he met an enthusiastic welcome from the citizens and told them that “they always tag me to you, we are one, I need your support” during a political rally held in his honor.

President Weah and party were received at the Cestos River Bridge which borders Grand Gedeh and Nimba counties by hundreds of local citizens led by the county authority under the leadership of   Superintendent Kai Garlo Farley, members of the county legislative caucus among others amidst the traditional welcome ceremony performed by the chiefs and elders, the convoy departed for Zwedru City, making few stops along the way which caused the delay in the arrival time.

Upon arrival in Zwedru where thousands of citizens have been waiting to receive him since the early hours of Sunday, President Weah was led to the Albert T. White Sports Stadium where the rally was held amidst singing, dancing and jubilation throughout the ceremony that extended to the early hours of Monday morning.

Speaking at the occasion, President made an emotional statement that traced how the citizens of the county both at home and abroad have been supportive of his political journey right from the time he entered national politics and have consistently voted for him since 2005.

“They always tag me to you and I don’t have anything against it because you love me and if someone loves you, you also have to do the same thing. We are one and I want to thank you for standing with me and identifying with me over the years.

“And that is why I said those who passing around here, I mean those calling themselves, rescue mission are wasting their time. There is no way they can ever think of defeating me in Grand Gedeh County. It is not possible”, He said

He told the people that they should continue to be unwavering supporting his administration “because we have come a long way, together with other Liberians we can build indeed a strong and united county where there will be peace as you know without peace there will be no development”.

The President said though Grand Gedeans will not oppose his bid, but it was important to get back to them to inform them that the first mandate has expired and he has been faithful to the mandate to undertake some unprecedented development some which were completed while some are at the concluding stages; thus necessitating him to return for the renewal of the mandate.

“I am sure you will not stop supporting us in our desire to develop this country but it is important to inform you that the first mandate you gave me has expired, I have delivered on the promise to the extent wherever you go, you will find them. So, I have come back to you to renew the first term you gave me in 2017 so that I will be able to do more for our country.

This country is 176 years old and we cannot really show what he have done with those years but for the 5 years we have been in power, we have done more than any other presidents before us. It is not about boasting but the records are there that we have built more hospitals than any other administration”, he said.

He told the citizens not to be carried away by the antics of the opposition “because they cannot rescue you, they are actually a resting team, how can they rescue you when we have been rescuing them, don’t mind them”

“What they left undone is what we are doing. For more than 12 years the Executive Mansion was never fixed which was a national embarrassment but I have been able to fix it so they are coming now to say, I should move from there let them occupy it. Are you serious?

“We are on course with more development projects especially the roads. We started from Nimba and soon we will reach you and that is why I am saying please give me another 6 years so that you will compare their 12 years with that of our 12 years and that is what they don’t want because they are saying if we allow him another 6 years, he will be more than us.

“Everything has been signed , you will have the roads, you will have the development but first thing first, we must be reelected so that we will be able to do those projects”, President said among other things.

One of the highpoints of the program was the public endorsement of Senator A. Marshall Dennis for reelection, Representative Erol Madison Gwion, and Messrs Willie Dweh and Harrison Saydee as CDC candidates Districts #1, 2 and 3 respectively.d

In her welcome remarks, Zwedru City Mayor Madam Cecelia Harris Jolo said the people of Grand Gedeh County were extremely happy for the visit and assure the President that his visit will be rewarding as Grand Gedeans will definitely vote him again as has been done in the past.

For his part, the Superintendent Kai Garlo Farley told the President that Grand Gedeans are resolved to reelect him and as a people who have been consistent with their votes, he should not bother having doubt of the support from the citizens.

“Mr. President, we want to say you are welcome to Grand Gedeh County and to assure you that the county is resolved to reelect you for your second term so that you will be able to complete what you did not complete. So, come on October 10, 2023, we are going to renew your mandate with massive votes from the people”, he said.

Several groups including the chiefs and elders, the local chapter of the Liberia Marketing Association(LMA), women groups, youth groups, auxiliaries of CDC, first time voters, also made statements pledging their support to the President, reassuring him that “we do not play games with people, when we are for you, we are for you”.

Since the day coincided with the President’s birthday, our corresponding who covered his visit said citizens and residents stayed out until the early hours of Monday morning as they partied throughout the night and the early hours of the morning.

President Weah then departed the county on Monday, October 2, 2023, for River Gee county in continuation of his campaign tour that will also take him to Maryland, Sino and his native Grand Kru County.

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