“Arrest July 26 Violence Perpetrators” -Liberians Cry in the face of “Abounding Evidence”

MONROVIA – As condemnations continue to mount over the brutalization and dehumanization of University of Liberia student leader Christopher Walter Sisulu Sivili and other stalwarts of the Student Unification Party (SUP) at the hands of supporters of the CDC-COP, Liberians far and wide are waxing mad over what they term as the lackadaisical attitude of government to bring the perpetrators of the July 26, 2022 violence to justice, even as they say evidence abounds on social media clearly exposing those that carried out the human rights abuse against their fellow citizens.

According to Liberia’s Attorney General Frank Musah Dean, the Government of Liberia has ordered an immediate investigation into the July 26 violence that saw students of the University of Liberia campus-based political group marching to the Embassy of the United States of America near Monrovia to reportedly present a petition demanding President Weah to take positive actions to fix the country. Surprisingly, Minister Dean in one breath also called on all individuals who witnessed the Tuesday, July 26 violence to assist the Police with its investigation.

“They can be assured that their identities will be protected and information held confidentially,” Attorney General Dean said in his press release.

AG Dean’s statement comes in the wake of the Liberia National Police stating that it has not made any arrests because no one has come forth to register a complaint against the alleged perpetrators.

But what many Liberians fail to understand from the AG and LNP spokesman Moses Carter’s assertion, is how can the government of Liberia call on the public to come forth with a complaint or assist in the July 26 violence investigation when in fact, evidence of the perpetrators dehumanizing their victims abounds on the Internet.

“Gangster’s paradise, banana republic. Exactly like September 9, 1990 when Prince Y. Johnson captured President Samuel K. Doe. History is still warning us over and over and over and over and over and again and again and again,” laments Jack Poquee in a social media reaction to AG Dean’s statement.

“Let them watch the videos on social media,” says Moses Zinnah; while Rogers M. Garwoh believes the “CDC police will not do anything about this”.

“It is surprisingly sad and regrettable that the Weah’s CDC-led government has no sense of good governance. We must rescue the situation,” maintains Prince Woart.

Widespread condemnations

Since the leaked video circulated the public space and media institutions started to amplify the atrocity of the July 26, 2022 violence, an avalanche of condemnations has descended on the government for allegedly facilitating the violence against peaceful citizens.

From the Alternative National Congress to the Liberty Party, the Unity Party and the entire opposition community; as well as the clergy and other civil society groupings, Liberians have been concerted in their calls against the July 26 violence which they believe is reminiscent of the country’s ugly past that forced others into exile because the powers that were fought to stifle independent voices against the dictates of the constitution.

In unison, the political institutions called on the Government of Liberia to immediately investigate, arrest and prosecute Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee, CDC-COP boss Ben Believe Togbha, Poker Roberts, Abdurahman Barrie and others as kingpins of the July 26 violence.

According to the political institution, the group of thugs and bandits, under the command and instruction of Jefferson Koijee, were, during the violent attack, led by officials of the CDC-COP including Ben Believe Togba, Poker Roberts and one Abdurahman Barrie, outgoing Student Council President from the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) – a fellow who is believed to head the Consortium of University Students for the Re-election of President Weah.

“In fact, in a Facebook post, few minutes after the violent attacks, Ben Believe Togba, leader of the attackers, wrote boastfully on his page: “under special instructions from our supreme leader Jefferson Tamba Koijee, we carried out attacks against UL students (SUP) this morning. Next time we will use live bullets!” the opposition community stated, while calling on the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Liberia, Cllr. Frank Musa Dean, Jr., to immediately order a full investigation and the arrest and prosecution of Jefferson Koijee, Ben Believe Toba, Poker Roberts, Abdurahman Barrie, and others, for the violent attacks on peaceful protesting students.

Meanwhile, this paper received cogent information that attempts are being made to ferry the mastermind of the July 26 violence, Ben Believe Togbah, out of Liberia to escape prosecution.

The July 26, 2022 violence comes in the wake of the United States Government extending an invitation for President George M. Weah to make his first official state visit to the US since his ascendency to power in 2018.

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