Amara Konneh Returns, Declares Intention for Senatorial seat -Says, “I am Back For Good and For Service”

MONROVIA – Former Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Amara Konneh on his return to the country after 4 years away, has declared to contest for Senatorial seat either for Gbarpolu County, the county where he was born or Montserrado County, where he grew up and did everything when the general elections come up in 2023.

Speaking to newsmen shortly after his arrival at the Roberts International Airport yesterday, Sunday, September 4, 2022, Konneh said though there are some other consultations he will be holding with people, but his mind is fixed on contesting the senatorial seat and the outcome of his discussions or consultations will determine whether he will contest in Gbarpolu or in Montserrado County.

“Yes, I am back to offer my service to the country and my eye is on the senate but in the coming days I will hold consultations and discussions with my people and decide whether I will contest from Gbarpolu where I was born or Montserrado where I grew up, went to high school and worked for this country”, he said

His arrival was like a carnival, a heroic welcome for someone whose family, supporters and friends saw as a blessing to this country for what he has achieved and what the country and people benefited from his stewardship.

Addressed in white T-Shirts with photo and campaign inscriptions such as “Welcome home our hero”, “Amara, the Man for the People”, “Amara Our Hero”, the welcome party chartered buses and rode in other vehicles to RIA to receive him and after a brief ceremony drove straight to Gardnersville were an elaborate program was held, attended by mostly members of the Muslim community, close friends, supporters among others who were there in their numbers.

Konneh, being excited about the turn out, thanked all those who had come to honor him. He repeated his ambition to the people that he is back to contest and will need their support.

“You should ask yourself if you are better off now than you were 5 years ago. We did what we could do and the records are there for you to see. We brought in foreign direct investment, opened up the economy, built infrastructure like roads, schools, hospitals, etc. We need the people with the expertise and experience to develop this country. So I will depend on you for your service but for now I can tell you I am back for good and for service”, he said amid wild cheers and jubilation from the hundreds who turned out on a good Sunday day that allowed many people to turn out for the event.

A day to his arrival, Konneh took to his social media handle and penned down about his return and what he intends to do while in the country in addition to his political pursuit.

   “Six years ago, I decided to step outside the Government and gain a new perspective. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) called, offering a visiting fellowship to share my experience with their students and participate in its marquee Sloan Fellows Program. I declined and took an opportunity with the World Bank instead.

“It was the right choice for that time.  I had served Liberia for a decade as it plowed through post-conflict reconstruction and then fought off Ebola. In my new role, I managed the World Bank’s engagements in the world’s most fragile economies, based in Nairobi. I later transferred to DC to lead the Bank’s partnerships with Africa’s eight regional economic commissions

“And now, I have decided to return to Liberia today, the country I love. With several professional options on the table, I aim to continue my constructive participation in nation-building, along with other stakeholders. While we will focus on the private sector, particularly agriculture, I will also contribute to governance through knowledge work and service. I also look forward to teaching (my first love) at one of the nation’s universities if given the opportunity. Most of all, I look forward to working with all of my fellow Liberian citizens on this new journey – and to meeting my friends, former colleagues, and teammates on the Alpha Old Timers’ field”

Political pundits who spoke to this paper said it was too early to predict his political future but it was good for him to have said that he will consult widely before deciding where to contest, whether it is going to be Gbarpolu or Montserrado County. He has not also decided whether he will run on a party’s ticket or contest as an independent candidate.

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