When the CDC Political Leader, President George M. Weah said Abraham Darius Dillon will not win the Senatorial race as long as he (Weah) is President, the opposition candidate’s response was “The only way I, DARIUS DILLON, will not win is unless Weah is God. As long as Weah is not God, I will win.” The day of reckoning had come and gone; the election was held and Dillon won over President Weah’s Candidate, Paulita Wie. Yesterday, Sunday, Dillon went to his St. Anthony Episcopal Church where he presented himself to God, giving glory to the Almighty for His grace that has made him the winner through faith. He sought wisdom and protection of God to be able to diligently serve the people without failure to accomplish his campaign pledges. Accordingly, the Senator-elect went before the Alter of the Church where the Rector-In-Charge, MacDonald Freeman, prayed and blessed him to be endowed with leadership style that will put the interest of the people first and foremost.

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