VP Taylor Addresses Students on Valentine Day -Wants Boys to Protect Girls

By: Anthony Q. Jiffan, Jr.

Liberia’s Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor has urged students of the LEAD Monrovia Football Academy (LMFA) to be obedient and focus in their learning process if they must be successful to lead the future generation of the country.

The Vice President spoke Friday, February 14, at Konola Academy in Margibi County.

She told the students that the easier channel to success is obedience, while calling on the boys to be protectors of their girls’ counterparts.

“You guys must be protector of the girls, because they need protection in the face of the lots of wrong things that are happening in our society”.

Madam Taylor further informed the students, especially the boys, that girls have equal rights with them and indicated that the boys should accord the girls respect and equal opportunity.

Although she reminded the boys that rape issue has taken over the country, she notwithstanding cautioned the boys to be their sisters’ keepers.

Vice President Howard-Taylor said the creation of woman by God, which happens when man was put into deep sleep, was never a mistake, but was intended to make a help mate to man so that both will serve as partner for progress. “The Bible says he who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtain favor from the Lord”.

At the same time, Vice President Howard Taylor reiterated her promise to the LEAD Monrovia Football Academy that she would get involve with ensuring that the institution gets their own facility to operate independently, instead of moving from one place to another.

She said, “Let me remind you that I have not forgotten my promise to you the last time that to ensured that we find some international organizations to help have your facility constructed for the continuation of the program and the education of our kids.”

According to Madam Howard-Taylor, her office will work with the administration of LEAD Monrovia Football Academy to ensure that the kids are given adequate attention and provided quality education that will enable them to be leaders of the future generations.

For his part, the Co-Founder of LEAD Monrovia Football Academy and Director of Football, Sekou Monubah, thanked Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor for selecting the LMFA as the institution to celebrate the Valentines with and for the gesture to the organization.

He said the action of the Vice President to have chosen his organization as a place to spent her valentines and her contribution towards the students’ welfare show how much love she has for Liberian children, mainly those at the LEAD Monrovia Football Academy.

According to Mr. Monubah, the major challenge facing the institution is funding which, he said, is the bedrock to every successful project.

Mr. Monubah however expressed the belief and assured that they will do their best to impact the Liberian children.

He disclosed that the Academy currently hosts 110 students, 65 boys and 45 girls, but also informed the Vice President and the entire that they will be recruiting additional 20 students which will increase the number of students to 130 in total.

The criteria required for children to be accepted into the program are, good academic performance, football talent or skills, must be between the ages 8 to 14 years, must be at least 3rd grade student and parents or sponsor be required to pay USD100 per semester, Mr. Monubah said

In separate remarks, students Zeta Massa Kromah and Leon J. Crawford lauded Madam Howard Taylor for her gesture, noting that her contributions to their education indicates how loving she is as a mother to the Liberian children.

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