“Use your Education to Develop Your Country” -Educator Tells Bassa High Graduates, Gives Scholarship

A renowned US based Liberian educator, Mr. Emmanuel Nuku Reeves has challenged members of the 2021 graduating class of the Bassa High School in Buchanan to use their education acquired during their academic sojourn not only for their personal growth, but for the growth and development of their neighborhood, community and most importantly their country. He then took a giant step to award scholarships to two students who emerged the first and second placers among their peers which covered four years of college education at any higher institution of their choices.

Mr. Reeves who is also an alumnus of the institution having graduated in 1971 as a Salutatorian told the students that acquiring knowledge and professional capacity is one of the most important decisions one can make, considering that it is only with capacity and preparedness that one can lead a successful life of excellence.

“Like you, most of us have had similar encounters of difficulties and challenges. Fifty years ago, I was just like you between these walls. Looking back from December 1971 to now, I can safely say that you and I share similar stories; you are just like me fifty years ago. Now look at me today after fifty years, when I look in retrospect and see my accomplishments and I know now that the future is bright and so I say to you fellow graduates, I was just like you fifty years ago”, Mr. Reeves told the student in a very encouraging tone.

He emphasized that no country can develop without investing in the education of its people as such the citizens must continue to take direct and practical actions towards strengthening Liberia’s educational sector, stressing that this is very important for the development of a wholesome functioning society. He noted that he believes that the success of the students stems from many forms and sources of dedication adding that part of their success comes from a personal dedication to life as a student and their future as a contributing member of a larger global society.

I am inclined to believe that your success today stems from many forms and sources of dedication. Part of your success comes from a personal dedication to life as a student and your future as a contributing member of a larger global society.

“Often times, graduation ceremonies are characterized by emotions resulting from many years of hard work and sacrifices. It is a time when relatives and friends will gather, many of them emotional, too.

“But one thing that is of great importance is discovering who you are beyond these ceremonies. It is about discovering the little part of you that seeks to do right, and building on it for excellence”, he said.

He told the students that simply having the determination to pursue their goals and dreams by seeking excellence from these walls is a massive success in itself. He said it takes an incredible amount of courage to wake up every morning and keep moving and keep motivating themselves to work towards the life that they have always imagined living – a life of ultra-professionalism.

Dwelling on the path of success, the President emeritus of the institution’s alumni association told the students that the preparation part of the success equation is their journey, which should be celebrated; for success is not simply a destination, but a journey. “Success is not something that we ARRIVE one day. Success has everything to do with your individualistic choices, actions and experiences – no matter how massive or meager they are”, he said.

“Finally, today, I will offer two full scholarships for one deserving boy and a girl from this graduating class to complete a four-year college degree at any university or college of choice in Liberia. This program will be channeled through Mr. Stafford Mabu Torbor, the Director of the Geneva Reeves-Johnson Foundation in conjunction with the authorities of the Bassa High School. Geneva Reeves Johnson Foundation was founded in The United States in honor of my late mother who died in 2013 in the USA. I am also presenting two cash contributions today. $2,500 for the Bassa High School to embark upon any project so desired and $1,000 to the Graduation Class for refreshment.  This is my way of giving back to my Alma Mater.  As a Member of the Class of 1971 and the Salutatorian (2nd) of that class, my commitment to Bassa High School remains forever”, he concluded.

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