US Delegation Arrives in Monrovia -Meets With Speaker Chambers, Other Stakeholders

A Delegation of the United States Congress Technical Working Staff Members is in the Country as guests of the 54th Legislature, particularly House of Representatives, in partnership with National Democratic Institute (NDI). The visit of the congressional delegation is under the US Congress’ House Democracy Partnership (HDP) program, aimed at building technical capacities and knowledge-sharing in lawmaking.

In an acquaintance meeting with the Delegation at his Capitol Building Office in Monrovia, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Bhofal Chambers, said the need to redirect extended capacity assistance to the Liberian Legislature cannot be over emphasized, asserting that today’s challenges of any country in the world begin with and end with the economy.

Speaker Chambers asserted that the Legislature, at the moment, looks forward to building its capacity, soliciting support in reviewing and rewriting several unhealthy and antiquated laws of the Country, most especially those affecting the forestry, mining and fisheries sectors from the view of impacting the economy positively.

He made reference to Germany, which significantly benefits from her forest sector, whilst Botswana, with good records of prosperity benefits from her mining sector, and Vietnam also, with good record about her fishery sector, generates millions and billions in revenues.

The Resident Director of the National Democratic Institute, Mr. Artan Alijaj, who also spoke at the meeting told the Delegation that the visit in the Country is a continuation of the standing partnership between the Liberian Legislature and the United States Congress under the House Democracy Partnership Program which the NDI is implementing.

Mr. Alijaj told the gathering that the United States Congress Staffs, who formed the Delegation, will hold technical working meetings with some staffs from the Liberian Legislature, specifically the Deputy Speaker, Chairpersons and members of Political Party Caucuses, the Chief Clerk, and other essential staff members of the House of Representatives, a legislative release said.


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