Fear Grips Vahun -Following Brutal Attack, Destruction

Citizens of Vahun District, Lofa County residing in Monrovia and its environs have categorically condemned what they called the brutal attack on the peaceful citizens of Vahun by a group of men who are believed to be loyalists of the embattled Commissioner of the district, Mr. Mohammed B. Momoh.

The group of men, who were said to have come from Voinjama City, Lofa County and across neighboring Sierra Leone, allegedly destroyed several properties through throwing of stones and in the process several innocent persons got seriously wounded.

Those affected include the Paramount Chief of Vahun District, Mr. Mohammed K. Nyallay, while others, including women, children and the elderly fled and slept in the bushes for fear of their precious lives.

Sadly, according to the concerned Vahun Citizens, one of the victims is in a critical condition as he was severely beaten with wounds seriously inflicted on him.

In a formal letter of complaint dated January 19, 2020 and addressed to the Superintendent of Lofa County, Mr. Williams Tamba Kamba,  Sr., a copy of which is in possession of this paper, the concerned Vahun Ctizens  recalled that, “on January 18, 2020 at about 11: 00PM, we received a communication/complaint from the Paramount Chief of Vahun District, Lofa County and other stakeholders of the district that Commissioner Mohammed B. Momoh, who was suspended in August of last year,  took group of men from Voinjama and across Sierra Leone to destabilize Vahun District on the plan that he had gone to reinstate himself as commissioner.”

According to the concerned Vahun Citizens, the heartbreaking incident occurred on Saturday, January 18, 2020. It came on the heels of rumors that suspended Commissioner Momoh has been given a letter of his reinstatement, but with no formal information given to the district authorities as to whether the issues he (Commissioner Momo) was suspended for has been addressed.

Prior to his suspension, a group under the banner of the concerned Citizens of Vahun took the embattled commissioner to task for him to, among other things, account for the usage of the district’s resources which he failed to do.

The concerned Vahun Citizens, who put the blame of the brutal attack and destruction squarely on the door steps of controversial Commissioner Momoh, called on the government through the office of Lofa County Superintendent Kamba, to quickly intervene into this matter because according to them, the people of Vahun are living in perpetual fear which render as a matter of urgency the intervention of authorities to alleviate their fear.

“To inform you about how peaceful we have been engaging this process, the citizens of Vahun wrote an official letter of vote of no confidence in this young man in July of 2019. Vahun District has always been known as one of the most peaceful districts in the Republic of Liberia, which legacy we will always stand for,” the concerned Vahun Citizens, who include key stakeholders from the district said.

They said they attached to their formal complaint, a pictorial evidence of the damages that were done in Vahun on the alleged order of Commissioner Momoh.

Meanwhile, the concerned Vahun Citizens have also called on the government to bring the alleged perpetrators to justice so as to serve as a deterrence for future occurrence. They want the victims taken care of medically and that those whose properties got damaged be assisted to rebuild their destroyed structures.

Among other things, they also demanded that embattled Commissioner Momoh publicly apologize to the Citizens of Vahun for the act of violence allegedly meted out against them (the Citizens of Vahun).

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