US Congress Zooms on SaLone, Liberia Elections -Sends Envoy to meet Govt, Civil Society on Key Governance Issues

MONROVIA : As voters in neighboring Sierra Leone anxiously await the official tally and announcement of the Saturday, June 24, 2023 polls that by all indications could retain incumbent SLLP standard bearer Maada Bio in power; and as Liberians prepare to vote in a decisive election that could retain incumbent CDC standard bearer George M. Weah or shift the political dynamics by introducing a cadre of leadership on October 10, 2023, the Government of the United States is keeping an eagle’s eye on the two countries whose past civil conflicts hinged on bad governance gravely impacted West Africa.

According to a June 26, 2023 press release from the Embassy of the United States of America near Monrovia, United States Senate Professional Staff Member John Tomaszewski is visiting Sierra Leone and Liberia from June 21-29.

“Mr. Tomaszewski, a Senior Professional Staff Member on the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations for Ranking Member Jim Risch (Republican-Idaho), will meet with a variety of government and civil society actors to examine democracy, governance, and human rights issues, particularly in relation to elections, in both Sierra Leone and Liberia,” the release said.

Congressional Staff Delegations regularly visit and meet with U.S. Embassy teams around the world as part of the Legislative Branch’s oversight of the Executive Branch departments, the budget, and U.S. development assistance.

The visit of Mr. Tomaszewski comes against the background of the last December U.S. Africa Leaders Summit that saw President Joe Biden hosting a small group of leaders at the White House for a discussion on upcoming presidential elections in 2023 and U.S. support for free, fair, and credible polls in Africa.

The 3-day summit was aimed at strengthening ties with African partners based on principles of mutual respect and shared interests and values. It also served as an opportunity to listen to and collaborate with African counterparts on key areas the United States and Africa define as critical for the future of the continent and the international community.

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