TQ Harris Endorses Boakai-Koung Ticket -Says Liberia Needs Matured, Balanced Experienced Leadership

MONROVIA: Former presidential candidate TQ Harris has chosen May 14, 2023 which is observed nationally as Unification Day has rallied Liberians to remain hopeful and united in the face of the daunting challenges they face, by electing Ambassador Joseph Boakai and Senator Jeremiah Kpan Koung as President and Vice President respectively on October 10, 2023.

Mr. Harris said his endorsement of the Boikai-Koung ticket is that the duo presents the best remedy for the current national crisis which demands a matured, balanced, and experienced leadership.

“Upon careful evaluation, critical analysis, and deep reflection, we have arrived at the decision that Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai and Senator Jeremiah Kpan Koung are the best leadership option in this 2023 Presidential Election,” Mr. Harris said.

Providing the basis for his endorsement in a press statement issued May 14, 2023, Mr. Harris gave a historical background of the country’s current quagmire, noting, the people need to be rescued from their current lethargic condition.

“In 1989, Liberians decided to settle their differences through the barrel of a gun. In the violence that ensued, more than ninety percent of the population was uprooted, thousands became internally displaced, and thousands more were forced to seek refuge throughout West Africa and beyond. Liberia became a killing field of the worst kind, no one was safe and nothing was spared. The violence touched every village, town, and city. People fleeing the war saw family, friends, and neighbors killed before their eyes. They trampled upon dead bodies while running for safety. In this orgy of violence, not less than 200,000 men, women and children were massacred. Thousands were maimed and psychologically damaged.

“The ambition of most young men and women — back then — was to join a rebel faction, so they could demonstrate their bravery and capacity to inflict injury on their fellow citizens and destroy properties.

“It’s now 2023 and that generation, victimized by the highly destructive and purposeless war, is here with us. They are unprepared, uneducated and unable to care for themselves. Now the country suffers.

“Similarly, this current generation of young people are, today, being exploited, abused and misled by power-hungry, overly ambitious individuals who are setting them up for failure. We can’t afford to squander yet another opportunity to rescue our children, because Liberia cannot survive the loss of another generation.

“Going forward, we shall do everything within our powers to ensure that these Honorable men become the next leaders of the Republic.

“On this NATIONAL UNIFICATION DAY, we call on all Liberians to remain hopeful and United. And on October 10th, let us elect Excellencies Joseph Boakai and Jeremiah Koung as President and Vice President respectively,” Mr. Harris intoned passionately.

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