Tears at Temple of Justice -Defendant Gloria Scott Sobs Over Starz’s Pending Graduation

MONROVIA: Pitiful but interesting scene awed visitors of the Temple of Justice on Capitol Hill Thursday when former Chief Justice Gloria Scott broke down in tears when she and other family members were hit with news that Starz University, the school that the girl whose death led to Madam Scott’s indictment for murder was attending, had a pending graduation ceremonies.

It seems the news about the school’s ensuing convocation refreshed the defendant’s memories about fond times the family had when the girl was alive and celebrating with others.

As she was being bundled into the security vehicle for her prison facilities after the court day’s activities, Madam Scott lamented: “This Country is wicked! And the person that killed my daughter will never be spared by the wrath of God.”

She is former Chief Justice and former Maryland County Senator Gloria Mussu Scott. She continued to cry aloud as she  and her family members who were also broken down in tear were departing the Criminal Court ‘A’ where they are being prosecuted for the murder of, Charloe Musu, by an alleged unknown assassin who broke into the family home.

Charloe Musu was a graduating senior of the Starz University. She should have graduated with this year if death had not visited her.

Defendant Scott and co-defendants Gertrude Newton, Alice Johnson, and Rebecca Youdeh Wisner following the end of Wednesday’s trial, were being escorted on the Prison Monrovia Central Prison Bus when she was perhaps overwhelmed by bad memories upon nearing that the Starz University was holding its graduation convocation.

An indictment by the Grand Jury for Montserrado County charged the former Chief Justice and Senator and family members that  on February 22, 2023, at about 10:00 PM, the defendants, with criminal intent.

The indictment states they armed themselves with a sharp instrument believed to be a knife and pepper spray and willfully, intentionally, purposely, and maliciously inflicted several bodily injuries on Charloe Musu on body parts including her chest, right hand, left thigh, and left armpit, leading to her death and thereby committing the crime of murder.

In a loud voice, the former Justice Scott described as wicked the unknown killer of her daughter who was expected to graduate from Starz University with a Bachelor Of Science Degree in Information Technology.

The situation was pathetic as some security guards that were escorting the defendants into the prison bus were seen in a pitifully somber mood which attracted attention of bystanders and court goers that were on the ground of the Temple of Justice, the seat of the Liberian Judiciary.

An old lady, one of the co-defendants, was also seen sobbing, a sad situation which sent chilling memories across the courtyard.

“God! Charloe’s Name has been called to receive her degree,” Scott was heard wailing. “She is been cut up in the funeral home while her friends are graduating. Please help fight her battle, God.”

Cllr. Scott lamented in her pain that the late Charloe Musu was innocent and that her death could not go unnoticed as the killer would face the wrath of God.

“What kind of wickedness is this in this country,” she cried with tears running down her cheeks, adding: “Those who killed my daughter who should have been the only person to have had a degree among her siblings has killed our entire family.”

She cursed the killers when she further wept: “The evil men and the alleged killer will not go free as they will face the dark cloud; yes, they will not shine in whatever they will invest into, including their children.”

Amidst the sadness that gripped the courtyard as a result of the loud pitiful weeping by the honorable stateswoman, the defendants boarded the prison bus and were taken off away to the Monrovia Central Prison otherwise known as South Beach

In the Courtroom, however, the defendants paraded their expert witness, Col. Nathaniel Hodge, who testified that police investigators that handled the case had not been able to identify the criminal that stabbed Charloe Musu because the four persons charged with murder, criminal conspiracy, and making false reports to law enforcement to officers were only made available to the police to have them charged.

The Witness Hodge further testified that during his investigation at the crime scene, he also discovered that there was a guestroom that was not used by anybody at the time so any intruder could have used the opportunity to secure himself in there with a criminal motive.

In his testimony, he said the police spoke of blood stains that were picked up by them and after analyzing it, it indicated that the blood found were all females.

Another witness, Alice Johnson, testified that she saw an image and got stabbed. Witness Johnson, during her testimony on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, said after her stabbing, she started yielding and she hid herself behind the blue Barrow in their room.

According to her, she heard a male voice at that time demanding her keys: “Give me the fucking keys”.

However she said she stopped hearing them talking, and she left her hiding place behind the barrow and ran straight to Aunty Youden’s room.

“When I reached Aunty Youden’s room and entered, I heard her praying and all of us were screaming in the house calling for her,” defendant Johnson further testified.

She said further: “It was that time Aunty Gertrude came into Aunty Youden’s room and started to push the door and later climbed on the bed where she slide the window and started to scream out for help”.

Johnson, who was the Defense’s third witness added that it took long before one of the securities came at the door and Aunty Gertrude told him to use the cutlass in his hands to break the window. When he broke the window, Aunty Gertrude, Aunty Youdens and I exited through the window.

During her testimony, defendant Johnson also narrated that after the incident, when she entered the house to get the phone to communicate, she saw the house packed with community members between Cllr. Scott’s door and hallway where she saw the security standing, but she couldn’t remember him, even though he was wearing a black uniform and she passed by him and went outside.

She further testified that she was standing outside one of the community members’ houses when she saw Aunty Gertrude.

“But when I was standing under the light, the clothes I had on were bloody and I decided to lift my shirt to see the wound and when I saw it, I showed it to aunty Gertrude and Pastor Alvin K. Gizzie who were also standing there,” she testified.

The defendant indicated that when she saw the wound, while showing it to Aunty Gertrude, “Pastor Alvin K. Gizzie told me to get in his car along with Aunty Gertrude so that he could take me to the hospital that night.”

“When we reached the Faith Clinic,” she said, “I met my Aunty Gloria Scott outside sitting on the bare floor screaming, and crying while the nurse took me inside lying on the stretcher and began to clean the wound. But while she was cleaning the wound, Pastor Alvin Gizzie’s church ordered that I should be transferred to Redemption Hospital for further treatment.”

She said she was admitted for one day and discharged the next morning following an x-ray result.

Meanwhile, Defendant Gertrude Newton, another defense witness paraded on the stand, has been dispensed by the lawyers for reasons best known to themselves.

It can be recalled that on February 23, 2023, the nation was awakened to the news of the death of a daughter of that the country’s former Chief Justice, Justice Gloria Musu Scott, whose home was reportedly attacked by an unknown assassin who allegedly killed her foster daughter identified as Charloe Musu, a graduating senior of the Starz University.

The accident occurred during the night hours when it was also reported that the unknown man who also stabbed the niece of Justice Scott, identified as Alice Johnson, at her Browerville residence.

Miss Musu, the murdered foster daughter of Cllr. Scott, before her demise was a graduating senior of Staz University located on the Airfield Sinkor in Monrovia where she was reading Information Technology at undergraduate level.

In line with the university calendar of events on Monday, November 20, was the baccalaureate service as the program was scheduled for Wednesday, but was later postponed by the university administration.

Our judicial correspondent said during Wednesday’s hearing at Criminal Court “A”, Counselor Scott, was informed of the graduation program and that Charloe, if alive, was expected to be a part of the convocation.

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