Stop Interfering with Boakai’s Political Future and Legacy” -Biomedical Scientist and Activist Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan Urges

By Our Correspondent

WASHINGTON, DC – Africa’s globally acclaimed biomedical scientist and inventor, Dr. Dougbeh Christopher Nyan, M.D. of Liberia, has cautioned the “Liberian population and key opinion leaders not to politicize the health of former Vice President Jospeh Nyumah Boakai and to stop interfering with Hon. Boakai’s political future and legacy.”

“Only Hon. Boakai with advice from his attending physicians can together make informed health-related decisions regarding his [Boakai’s] political and daily activities,” Dr. Nyan, the German-trained medical doctor emphasized in a recent interview.

Dr. Nyan further said that, “VP Boakai has a unique and distinguished public service legacy that must be recognized, hailed, and promoted, instead of people making unprofessional statements that tend to undermine the honorable man.”

In the last several days, the local media in Liberia has been flooded with mixed statements about former Vice President Joseph Boakai’s health when he checked in at a local hospital at ELWA in the suburb of Monrovia.

Dr. Nyan added that, “in our growing democracy, nobody has the right to unduly pressure another to exit the political stage.”

Amidst these concerns, several opinion polls still put Boakai as the leading opposition presidential contender in the coming 2023 general elections due to be held on October 10th this year in Liberia. He was vice president for 12 years in the previous government.

The scientist, who is also a political activist for good governance, further encouraged Liberians at home and in the diaspora to “pray for the health of its leaders and for a broad united opposition camp to mobilize voters as the country prepares for elections in October this year.”

Dr. Nyan, further said that, “the country [Liberia] is dying in the hands of the Weah government and needs to be resuscitated by a combination of visionary and truly patriotic national leaders with integrity and impeccable public service credentials.”

He is the internationally acclaimed scientist who invented the rapid multiplex test for infectious diseases, now called the NYAN TEST which detects and simultaneously identifies 3 to 7 infections within an hour using just one test. He has been granted three US Patent for his technology and won several awards.

Last year from August to December, Dr. Nyan spent time in Liberia and Ghana, where he performed five months of unpaid-volunteer services in teaching and lecturing at various medical and academic institutions of learning. His academic and public health service has been described by the people as patriotic and giving back to the country. Dr. Nyan has been performing such national service yearly since 2005 when he taught medical microbiology at the A.M. Dogliotti School of Medicine of the University of Liberia.

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