A Monument of Contradiction and Betrayal of 24 Promises: The Case of Sen. Abe Darius Dillon

By Jefferson Tamba Koijee

Secretary General


Lying Dillon of Montserrado County has and continues to be a composition of deceptions.


These contradictions date as far back before his entry into office when he portrayed himself as a serious, unrepentant Robert Sirleaf’s boy that the people could trust.

Lying Dillon vehemently criticized Senator Saah Joseph for supporting public service delivery through transportation, health and other initiatives; on his many campaign trails, he said these were not the works of Legislators but to make law, have oversight and make representation.

Sadly, this walking contradiction is now running a rehabilitation program and wants us to celebrate that.

When Mamensie Kabba flagged the contradiction he had to denigrate her by saying she is “Back into the slums of Doe Community.”

Unfortunately in his ignorance he does not know that Mamensie has always been with the people of Doe Community and has never left.

When did a deceptive Dillon realize that Doe Community was a bad place to live when he campaigned amongst these people even though his former cherished friend, Rob Sirleaf amassed millions to change the lives of the people in the slums.

Lying Dillon was also a beneficiary of the bad system that refused to impact lives in Doe Community, something which took President Weah to open new roads and build recreational centers for the people.

How could lying Dillon forget so fast when Robert Sirleaf paid his fees using tax payers money  at the Strayer University in the US and he would be working for him but acting as a so called credible voice? How could we forget so suddenly that after criticizing Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Dillon would end up as her travel companion to the UNGA betraying his boss and Political Leader, Charles Walker Brumskine (the late),  the same name he wants to use to contest in Bassa 2029 after miserably failing Montserrado.

Unearthing Dillon’s contradictions and exposing what he stands for makes it a huge burden for him to carry! We understand the pain associated with exposing a veiled rascal and a con artist like him.

He has always shown his pretentious nature by his flagrant disregard of the laws of Liberia, referring to the Senate as a place of “Unserious People,” not in the interest of the Liberians but there he sits and sees laws butchered under Mr. Boakai’s led regime.

Tenure has been scrapped, he sits idly while foreigners are being appointed in roles that Liberians could occupy, he sits and wants to fight the LACC for doing its job set aside by laws of the land, this self-proclaimed “Moralist,” is a walking naked contradiction of our democracy.

Imagine taking armed men to take commissioners out of the LTA in the full glare of the media, a group of people duly having tenured jobs and protected by laws, Dillon, the loud talker remains mute over these excesses.

For people like Dillon, the Senate or Legislature is good today, because his cherished ally sits as Pro-tempore compounded with gross insensitivities as Chairman on Foreign Affairs milking the Liberian people tax payers’ money. Today, Dillion sits as chairman on Foreign Affairs and accumulates for himself the largesse of his  office that he brings no credential to occupy.

Fellow Liberians, is this not the Dillon who said 50% of his salary would be slashed and used on the people of Montserrado monthly amounting to around three thousand; every month he would stage a press conference and present the money? Have you asked when was the last time he called for a press conference to make said presentation to the people of Montserrado County? Oh! Has Dillon forgotten his promises to our people!

Can we also ask Dillon if the Liberian economy is still in the toilet, a mantra he propagated to come to power using the gullibility of our people!

Today, the price of gasoline is higher than CDC’s time, the price of rice and other basic commodities have skyrocketed, salaries of Legislators have not reduced as he tried to make it seem he would have changed it by labeling corruption as wearing “three pieces of coat suit” on broad street but corruption has left the three pieces of coat suit and  is now beautifully decorated in a gold garment as a royal king residing in the palace where Dillon sits on the dinning room where he wines and dines with the king; corruption is on the increase, can we safely ask Dillon, is the economy still in the toilet?

A man of so much energy who discusses nepotism and favoritism is seen welcoming a stance whereby the Minister of Education, his in-law was without proper scrutiny confirmed by the Senate where he was seen leading her confirmation.

He sees the wanton abuse of people; the murdering of protesters in Kinjor, the Jessica Lloyd attempted murder saga orchestrated by an American Man known as Lucas Richard, Madam Amanda Nebo who was gruesomely killed, the intentional murder of Josephus Tukpeh and in other parts of Monrovia but sits in a complete oblivion because it is his government in power.

It has always been about the proximity to power and nothing else. Dillon will always be a composition of traditional deception for the next six years especially as he participates in the industrial looting that’s taking place in such a short period of time.

From handpicking  his camera boy in Emmanuel Farr  to violating Section 5.1 of the code of conduct, which states,”that All Officials appointed by the President of the Republic of Liberia shall not: a) engage in political activities, canvass or contest for elected offices;

  1. b) use Government facilities, equipment or resources in support of partisan or political activities;
  2. c) serve on a campaign team of any political party, or the campaign of any independent candidate.

Today these below names:

Luther Tarpeh-National Chairman- Chairman of The Board, National Port Authority , Ben A. Fofana-Vice Chair for Governmental and international Relations- Liberia Telecommunication Authority

Cornelia K. Togba- Vice Chair inter-party relations and NEC affairs- Deputy Minister of State for Presidential Affairs

Whroway Bryant- Vice Chair for Mobilization and Recruitment-Superintendent of Montserrado County , Amos B. Tweh-National Secretary General-Liberia Petroleum Refinery Company, James K. Yolei- Deputy Secretary for Training and Research Assistant Minister for Operations, Ministry of Internal Affairs

Emmanuel K. Farr- Deputy National Secretary General Youth congress Deputy Director For Administration, National Fire Service

Selena Polson Mappy, National Vice Chair Person, Women Congress, Deputy Minister for Operations are also working in government under the watch of Lying Dillon in the very violation of the code of conduct 5.1.

After his lobby for these men and women for appointment and leading their successful confirmation, while canvasing and heavily participating in major political activities—Lying Dillon does not see this as a sheer hypocrisy to the very practice he opposed yesterday during President Weah’s term.

To even expose Lying Dillon shameless pretense, here are empirical and unarguable deceptions Dillon has lived through:

  1. Mr. Dillon lied about apportioning half of his salary to the people of Montserrado County. How can a man grow extreme fascination in deception at the expense of the People of Montserrado county? In fact, where is the pay cut of US$5,000 per month that he promised?
  2. Under President Weah, Dillon who raised alarm of government wasteful spending on vehicles for high-profile government officials, is now ridding US$180,000 latest Mitsubishi and calls it legitimate money. Isn’t this an utter fakery?
  3. In 2021, Mr. Dillon lied about his flight to the USA that he did not travel via a business class but subsequently informed the public that he shamed his mother and now he travels regularly with business class unannounced. He seems to be unbothered, he is a frequent business class traveler spending over US$5-6 thousands per fight. The fact that Dillon can’t account for over US$240,000 he owes the people of Montserrado-he still shames his innocent mother and the people of Montserrado. Sorry mom, your son is a burden of deception in our body politics.
  4. Criminally, Dillon has been hooked into a financial scandal and intentional violation of the code of conduct for knowingly declaring fake assets. With respect to the Code of Conduct 10.3 which states that , “Every Public Official and Employee of Government shall declare and affirm that his or her declaration is accurate to the best of his or her knowledge”. It continues “Any statement in such declaration is known to be false upon verification shall lead to summary dismissal and other measures provided by law.”

Is Dillon not a violator of this very code of conduct?

  1. A Dillon who contested President Weah’s appointment of young people calling them “unfit” for the job, is known for forwarding the name of his camera boy to serve the Liberian National Fire service. What competence and operational discipline does his staff have and he is yet to tell the public the competence and credential his staff brings to such a high-profile job.
  2. What would Charles Brumskine say if he were alive watching his darling boy confounding in the misery of deep-pocket lies and influencing the unfit and inexperienced recruitments of government officials in the Boakai led regime and selling out the Liberty party?
  3. A Dillon who deleted his campaign messages ( manifesto) on social media and verbally attacked concerned citizens of Montserrado county over his criminal behavior for doing so.
  4. Is this not the misogynistic Dillon who in 2021 physically assaulted Mary Williams for simply accusing him of having extramarital affairs with officials in government (mostly females). Where is the moral?
  5. Dillon who should be running the affairs of the people of Montserado county is now a degenerate and product of the ghettos with hundreds of cartel under his control as a so called Senator.
  6. The dangerously corrupt criminal-in-chief currently does not see it wrong for a newly elected President to fly private jet using tax payers money.

Yesterday, President Weah was wrong flying a jet but today Dillon believes that Mr. Boakai is right for using the poor masses resources.

  1. Is Dillon still signing at the Liberian senate at the early morning hours or it was only meant to wrongly impressed his voters or the Liberian People?
  2. Where is Dillon in a period when our economy is ruthlessly bastardized by an eighty-years -old Joseph Boakai?
  3. What a Dillon is even saying about a trip that Mr. Boakai took over thirty government officials to the US misusing over half a million United States Dollars of the tax payers money.
  4. Under Mr. Boakai, our democracy has become an utter floodgate of incompetence where unfit criminal indictees who were engaged into electoral violence, unfit men and women are smuggled into strategic positions and even ushering a promiscuous and women abuser in a Senegalese national into governance. Was it not Dillon who bitterly chased Mr. Nwabukie as chairman of the National Elections Commission on citizenship! Where is the moral of Dillon?
  5. It is not strange that lying Dillon has a fundamental and historic narrative of conspiring against Samuel Saye Dokey on December 4, 1997 when he served as special assistant to Cllr. T.C. Gould
  6. A Dillon who received 9,833 USD for a Constituency visit after initially saying in 2019 that, “ Any amount over 5,000 USD will be placed in an escrow account of the county for social development “
  7. A lying Dillon who castigated Hon. Acarous Gray and other lawmakers in 2013 for appropriating unrealistic benefits and allowance to themselves had received the sum of US$15,000 in 2021.
  8. He promised that he will not receive a dime for sitting fees but he received 633,600 LRD for legislative sitting fees at a Farmington retreat. He voted into law a national fiscal budget in 2024 that increase legislative benefits while civil servants salaries are still harmonized. Today, Dillon also received US$10,000 as sitting fees under Mr. Boakai regime for special sitting. something he refused to do during President Weah term.
  9. Senator Dillon promised that he will expose every secret meeting of the Liberian senate given that he was elected by the public, but Dillon is now the quiet and dangerous man ever to grace the senate.
  10. Where is the Asset Recovery today when it is even hooked by corruption leading to the resignation of members of the recovery team—is Dillon not recognizing the fact that the Asset Recovery is a gateway of mass looters and incompetent leaders under the regime of Mr. Boakai?
  11. The last day that the learned counselor, Charles Walker Brumskine was on the face of the earth, he revealed to closed associates around him a lying Dillon and his co-conspirator, Senator Nyounblee were at the verge of plotting to have him ousted from his political party. Today Charles Walker Brumskine goes to his grave with these harsh memories of lying Dillon. In the wake of Cllr. Brumskine’s demise, Dillon and Sen. Lawrence have executed criminal scheme against his daughter and sold out the moral and philosophical value of Mr. BRUMSKINE.  Additionally, Dillon is known for insulting Cllr. Brumskine by labelling him as “arrogant” and “selfish,”. Where is Dillon’s Moral?
  12. Part of Dillon’s sheer hypocrisy is that he massively used bikes for his campaign but today he’s celebrating the inhumane treatment of bike riders.
  13. In the heat of COVID 2020 when we decided to give Waterside a facelift, Lying Dillon completely disagreed and threatened me with summon saying “No level of development should stop the people from surging,” but today before watchful eyes marketers are being brutalized and subjected to various treatments while Dillon walks with thousands.
  14. Lying Dillon we are reliably informed has pushed the employment of twenty seven individuals: families, concubines friends and associates of his when several cadres of the UP have got zero opportunities, languishing in the wilderness.

May I end by inking these few words: Deceit is a disease that requires collective eradication. And Like Benjamin Netanyahu would say, “the truth must always be spoken, even if it does not sound pleasant”.

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