Labor Minister Kruah Snatches Media Award -Says ARREST Agenda Requires Teamwork to Succeed

MONROVIA: Liberia’s Minister of Labor and Statesman, Cllr. Cooper Kruah. Sr., while receiving a Certificate of Honor cautioned that public officials should have a sense of unity and teamwork in unfolding the ARREST agenda of the Unity Party-led government.

Cllr. Observing that instead of working as a team to promote government’s deliverables to the people, there are others who are bent on taking issues to the media without due diligence done that could mirror the intent of actions taken at the respective domains of their colleagues.

Minister Kruah spoke when he was responding to a Certificate of Honor presented to him by the Association of Liberia Online Media Network yesterday at the Ministry of Labor in Monrovia.

In his reception statement, the Minister thanked the group of media practitioners for the honor bestowed upon him, stating his belief that he deserved an award considering that he does not know any of those that have awarded him the Certificate.

He told the group of the Ministry’s achievements which included but not limited to  the arbitration and resolution of issues involving various strike actions including those of workers at the Bea Mountain Mining Company, workers of the Liberia Agriculture Company, and the Sime Darby Company with citizens and the companies respectively.

He boasted that the government comprises people of experience in their respective areas of assignments, but regretted that there are those in the government who are working against the success of the government by not being meticulous in what to take to the press for public consumption.

Urging his colleagues in government to be judicious in how they take issues to the media, he equally called on the media to be investigative and professional in how they lift their stories to the public.

The Association of Liberia Online Media Network, presenting Minister Cooper the Award, said   the honor was in recognition of the Minister’s outstanding dedication, exemplary leadership and unwavering commitment to public service.

Cllr. Cooper Kruah Sr., the group recognized, has demonstrated unparalleled excellence in his role as Minister of Labor and recounted his tireless efforts, visionary initiatives, and transformative impact that have set a standard of excellence for all public servants to as inspire to through his visionary leadership and genuine passion for uplifting the lives of the Liberian people.

“Honorable Cllr. Cooper Kruah, Sr. has exemplified the true essence of public service and has become a beacon of inspiration for all,” the Association of Media Network furthered, stating that Minister Kruah’s remarkable tenure as Minister of Labor has undeniably transformed the labor sector in unprecedented ways, and bring about positive change and progress within the workforce.

Additionally, the Network indicated that his previous role as Minister of Post & Telecommunications further highlighted his outstanding capability to drive transformation and excellence in diverse spheres of public service.

Signed, approved and attested by the groups Press Secretary Madam Eunice Logbah, Chief Executive Officer Ambassador Alexander Reginald Bates, and Board Chair Mr. Jerry B. Peters Acting Board Chair Alexander Reginald Bates

Chief Executive Officer, the Association of Online Media Network said “This prestigious honor is bestowed upon Honorable Cllr. Cooper Kruah, Sr. in recognition of his exceptional contributions to the betterment of Liberia and his unwavering dedication to serving the people with integrity, diligence, and distinction.

“In witness whereof, we hereby present this Certificate of Honor as a token of our heartfelt appreciation and respect for the exemplary service and outstanding leadership of Honorable Cllr. Cooper Kruah, Sr. Minister of Labor,” the group inscribed on the Certificate.

They said in this light, they were pleased and ecstatic to bestow the various organizations highest, prestigious honor named and styled: “LIBERIA’S MOST Esteemed Public Servant & Transformational Icon of Excellence of the Year 2023/2024 To Honorable Cllr. Cooper Kruah, Sr. Minister Labor.”

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