Speaker Chambers Leads Tour of Rice Importers Facilities

MONROVIA –  Amid the controversies surrounding the scarcity of rice on the Liberian market, The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bhofal Chambers on Tuesday October 11, 2022 led a Delegation of other lawmakers on the field to tour the facilities of rice importers to ascertain the quantity of rice in the Country and methods used in distributing or selling to Citizens.

The first port of call of the lawmakers, some of whom have expressed dissatisfaction over the plight of the people, was at the Fouani Brothers Clara Town Branch, where a sizable number of Liberians and other nationals were seen in search of the nation’s staple food.

The lawmakers met with authorities and instructed them to increase sales from two hundred (200) persons per day to five hundred (500) persons per day at the minimum of twenty (20) bags each so as to have more people served; something Foauni Brothers have committed to and effectively beginning Wednesday, 12th October they will serve 500 persons per day at the cost of $13.00USD.

Fouani Brothers also stated that they’re expecting another vessel of rice in mid-October.

As for the Supply West Africa Trading (SWAT), the management told the lawmakers they have received a vessel on Monday evening from Abidjan and is currently offloading at the Freeport of Monrovia.

According to them, they are selling thirty five thousand bags per day.

Fouani, another said, they are expecting six thousand (6,000) metric tons, which will account for 250,000 bags of rice on 22 October from India.

Speaking during the visit, Speaker Chambers stressed that the mission to tour the importers facilities is to ensure the sustainability of rice on the Liberian market.

He further used the occasion to call on Citizens to cooperate and do away with panic as the House of Representatives is concerned about their welfare.

He urged importers to work collectively for the good of the society and avoid doing anything that will suffer the people.

Following the intervention, the Citizens commended the lawmakers and hope that the importers will do as they have promised.

Members of the delegation included Johnson N. Gwaikolo, Rustonlyn Dennis, Solomon George, and Byron Zahwea.

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