NPP Endorses 2023 Weah-Taylor Ticket -Elects New Corps of Officers at 7th Convention

MONROVIA – The National Patriotic Party (NPP), which is a former ruling party and a constituent member of the current ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), played a pivotal role in ensuring the decisive 2017 elections where it put forth the Vice Standard Bearer on the ticket. However, the party has, during the last couple of years, been rocked by internal bickering making several people to think of discounting its potency let alone its inclusion in 2023. In fact, there were naysayers who contended that the party had harbored misgivings and was preparing for battle over “political framework complications” against the continuity of the Weah administration. But all that seems wild wishes as far as outcomes of the Party’s 7th Biennial Convention held over the weekend are concerned. The final resolution derived from the two-day convention has endorsed and upheld Weah-Taylor ticket for ensuing 2023 presidential elections. The Analyst reports. 

As political parties in the country brace themselves to properly position themselves towards the ensuing 2023 general elections, a former ruling party, the National Patriotic Party( NPP)  concluded its two day 7th Biennial Convention held October 7-8, 2022.

The convention was in fulfillment of the mandate by the Civil law court and in consonance with Article 3 section 7.1 of its 2004 constitution at the Paynesville City Hall, Montserrado County with the election of a 53 member leadership, with respect to both the national and county wide structure and taking some far reaching decisions through joint resolutions.

One of the decisions embedded in the resolution was the endorsement of the Weah-Taylor presidential ticket for the 2023 general elections.

Amid the tensions and overheated polity that greeted the commencement of the convention, the 638 delegates reached a quorum which also included some outgoing members of the national executive committee, thus qualifying the convention to be called to order to conduct official business.

According to the 13-point resolution issued by the party under the signatures of John Dakana Gray, Robert Beer and Pauline Kobah, Chairman, Co-Chairman and Secretary General respectively of the Convention committee, the delegates made some decisions in the interest of the party moving forward.

“The National Patriotic Party (NPP), through its National Chairman in fulfillment of the Civil Law Court mandate to take the party to its long overdue 7th Biennial Convention in keeping with the 2004 constitution, 638 delegates of the 15 counties assembled in the City of Paynesville to conduct the business of the party in line with the powers of Biennial convention.

The resolution derived from the convention read in party:

“Whereas delegates assembled at the 7th Biennial convention have resolved that the party having gone through five (5) years of internal wrangling which is mostly based on the ambiguities of the 2004 By laws and constitution, the leadership of the National Patriotic Party is hereby mandated to review the party’s constitution as a special constitution convention to amend the said constitution

“Whereas delegates assembled at the7th Biennial Convention have resolved that the reaffirmation document signed by its National Chairman James Biney and Standard Bearer and Political leader Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor, is hereby endorsed as a legitimate instrument confirming  the current Coalition For Democratic Change framework document for the continuation of the for the year 2023 Presidential and legislative election and the national executive committee of the National Patriotic Party(NPP) is mandated to constitute  a seven(7) man committee to lead the process of discussion with the CDC and LPDP with respect to jobs allocation and other benefit associated with the coalition.

“Whereas, delegates assembled at the 7th Biennial convention have realized the significant and tremendous social economic and infrastructure development made under the PAPD Agenda under the coalition led by the government do hereby unanimously endorsed the “Weah-Taylor Presidential ticket for 2023 legislative and presidential elections”, the resolution said among other things.”

The resolution further said “that within six (6) months as of the date of this resolution, the National executive committee shall convene a constitution review session for the singular purpose of amending the 2004 Amended revised constitution and by-laws of the party.

The document also called on the national executive committee to conduct nationwide tour aimed at strengthening the party’s county executive committee (CEC) and districts executive committee and conduct elections where there are vacancies within the counties structures,

The NEC is also to conduct a comprehensive analysis and inventory on all the party’s assets including 5th street and Tarr Town properties to determine the status of said property and conduct a full audit of the party’s bank account(s) and take appropriate actions to safeguard the party properties and funds.

The NPP confederates further mandated their NEC to be the authority to work in closed consultation with the political leader and standard bearer of the party to the coalition leadership for allocation of slots in the government for the NPP.

The resolution, which took into account some of the salient issues germane to the growth and development of party also said: “That the convention hereby unanimously confirmed and reaffirmed her Excellency Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor as the political leader and standard of NPP for the next six (6) years in order to continue her role as vice standard bearer of the coalition for democratic change.

The conference called on the NEC to acquire land in the name of the party across the country for the construction of county headquarters to enhance the smooth and effective functions of the party’s activities.

It states: “That the convention hereby mandates the National Executive Committee (NEC) to develop and adopt an administrative and fiscal policies of the party to guide the national chairman and corps of officers in the execution of programs and expenditure of party funds and the protection and use of party properties.

“That henceforth, the leadership of the party shall full implement every provisions of the by-laws and constitution of the party including holding of conventions on schedule; that to avoid the recurrence of confusion in the party amongst its leadership and members, every vote on major decisions of the party meeting or sitting shall be recorded for reference and minutes of called meetings shall be compiled and circulated within seven working days after said meeting.”

The newly elected leadership was urged to also undertake appropriate measures to resolve any and all differences between and amongst partisans growing out of the facts and circumstances, and that “the leadership is hereby mandated to call for an extraordinary session for the purpose of amending some provisions of the party’s constitution.”

Our reporter who followed the convention said that the delegates adhered strictly to the constitution regarding conducting elections at the national conventions.

For example, the reporter said, the election committee was constituted in a way that each county sent in a representative, making up the number at 15 and the 4 other delegates represented 4 different auxiliaries bringing the number to the mandatory 19 member election committee.

Further, Mr. Emmanuel Lomax, the Chairman and others who headed the election committee were elected by their colleagues among the 19 members.

“As a consequence of the above, the 7th Biennial convention sitting in convention assembled is pleased to submit the verdict of its expertise in line with the constitution of the NPP”, part of the resolution on the guidelines of the election said before publishing the results of the election.

Those elected according to the election committee were VP Jewel Howard Taylor, Standard Bearer; Cllr. Stanley Karpillen, National Chairman; Mr. Mark Keshen, Vice Chairman for Administration; Mr. Henry Clark, Vice Chairman for Mobilization; Mr. Roland Duo, Vice Chairman for Planning, Policy and Research; Mr. Thomas Pluato Sr, Vice Chairman for Finance and Investment and Madam Zoe Taylor, Vice Chairperson for Gender.

Others are Morris Paye, Secretary General; Yvette Freeman, National Treasurer; Nyudueh Morkonmana, Chair, Advisory Board; Chief Cyril Allen, Co-Chair; John Paul, Chaplain, along with leaders in the 15 counties and auxiliaries and standing committees.

The delegates also unanimously agreed for the new leadership under Cllr. Karpillen to work with his team to organize a special constitutional convention to review the 2004 constitution of the party and make necessary amendments deemed fit.

Meanwhile, the United States of America branch of the party has roundly condemned the violent and disruptive acts that occurred during the convention while standing in solidarity with those who travelled from far under strenuous conditions just to exercise their inalienable rights.

In a press statement issued over the weekend and signed by the Chairman of NPP-USA, Charles Gono, the Diaspora partisans hoped that the ugly situation does not occur again while also commending the members for being peaceful to bring the convention to a successful closure, and reaffirming their support and loyalty to the CDC led government.

The statement added: “Our commitment to our country and party shall remain firm and dedicated to a more secure and brighter future for all of our people. In this light, we the leadership and members of NPP-USA stand with the binding decisions of the majority block of the NPP in the aftermath of the just ended Biennial convention and its reaffirmation to the Coalition for Democratic Change.”

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