“No Arsonist Will Chair Liberty Party” –Isaac Jackson Warns

A founding member of the opposition Liberty Party who is now a former stalwart has added his voice to the ongoing discourse over who should become the next national chairman as the party prepares for the September 5, 2020 special convention. And from all indications, Liberty Party former stalwart Isaac Jackson is totally against the party and its leadership rewarding individuals who will do anything for personal greed, terming term as “arsonists”.

“I have just read Liberty Party Political Leader’s position regarding the developing situation within the Party’s hierarchy, and happen to be in sympathy with her stance. However, I am reluctant to go along with her all the way.  Essentially, how does one deal with a threat that has the potential to screw the Party up, if not to nip it in the bud?” Mr. Jackson wondered in a social media post last evening.

“Back in the days, in pampering bad behavior, some parents would say, ‘what we do in this house stays in this house’. And before they realized it, the child takes the bad behavior unto the streets. Personally, I think it is good to denounce nefarious behavior severely in the Party even if it spills into public domain,” Mr. Jackson cautioned, in obvious reference to LP Political Leader Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence cautioning partisans to desist from addressing internal issues in the public domain.

Against the backdrop of the ongoing internal wrangling between supporters of incumbent national chairman Senator Stephen Zargo and Musa Hassan Bility over the coveted national chairmanship, Isaac Jackson said he supports those who are having profound relationship with reality for speaking out, including the likes of National General Secretary, Jacob Julius Smith.

“Mind you, Madam Political Leader, some of those who are maneuvering behind-the-scenes and pulling the strings have the unsavory reputation for being arsonists. Some of them have a history of destroying things with which they were entrusted to manage, on the altar of personal greed. How can you not see that what they are doing is so fundamentally and obviously bogus?” Jackson wondered.

“Imagine, some of these partisans who could not go on their knees to mourn the passing of Cllr. Brumskine are desperate to chair the Liberty Party! Be warned, Madam Political Leader: some of these guys with whom you are snoozing love money more than their own children. They could mortgage the party at the drop of a hat. I need not remind you of what happened to David Kortie’s ALCOP and Cllr. Rudolph Sherman’s TWP in Taylor’s Liberia. Anyway, I pray that in our days (as founding members of Liberty Party) no arsonist will be allowed to serve as chairman of the Party,” Jackson cautioned.

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