Momentum Increases for War Crimes Court -As CSOs build consortium

As part of effort to cement national synergy among civil society institutions in Liberia aim at defeating impunity via the full and timely implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Report, The National Consortium to Eliminate Impunity in Liberia was established on Monday May 31, 2021 by 20 registered institutions to ensure the establishment of a War Crimes Court in Liberia.

The group at the mass meeting on citizens’ popular support and submission of the draft Act for the Establishment of the War Crimes Court in Liberia, reviewed and approved the National Implementation Roadmap, draft Centennial Declaration and strategies for partnership engagement and citizens localize inclusive ownership.

The Civil Society groups at the meeting overwhelmingly agreed through its approved National Roadmap to mobilize over 100,000 Liberians from all segments of the society and stage a peaceful Justice March on June 24, 2021. The historic march will bring together all civil society institutions, trade unions, youth/student/women organizations, massacre victims, persons of special portfolios to submit the draft Act and maintain structural engagement at all levels for the timely enactment of the legislation (Act) to establish the War Crimes Court. Monrovia shall embrace justice and the fear shall be drifted from victims to perpetrators. Justice shall reign once more.

The broad-based civil society organizations are also launching a massive media publication and educational program in preparation for the grand march. The massive media publicity will include the production of messages in local Liberian languages for publication and broadcast across the country.

The group in a release disclosed that a proposed Act for the establishment of the War Crimes Courts has been drafted by the Liberia National Bar.

Initial membership of the Consortium are the Liberia National Bar Association, National Civil Society Council of Liberia, Alliance for Transitional Justice – Liberia, Inter-Religious Council of Liberia, Faith and Justice Network, Transitional Justice Working Group, Movement for Better Liberia, Catholic Bishop Conference of Libera, Global Justice Research Project, Association of Evangelical, Press Union of Liberia, Liberians United for Justice and Association,  Liberia Massacre Victims Association, Federation of Liberian Youth, Liberia National Student Union,  Liberia Council of Churches and National Iman Council of Liberia.

Over Two Hundred Fifty Thousand (250,000) Liberians were killed, tens of thousands injured and millions were displaced internally across the country with others as refugees in neighboring countries as a result of the fourteen years brutal civil war in the country.

Since the end of the civil war, no one has been held accountable for the massive killings and massacre of Liberians with the alleged perpetrators walking around the streets with impunity.

Moreover, the Consortium is headed by the Liberia National Bar Association and the Secretariat headed by the National Civil Society Council of Liberia. All civic society institutions, religious and traditional institutions, trade unions, movements, and the general citizenry are encouraged to join this process and the Secretariat shall timely reach-out to everyone.

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