Lofa Upbeat for President Weah -Supt. Kamba Dispels Negative Perceptions

By: Rancy S. Teewia

The Superintendent of Lofa County, Mr. William Tamba Kamba has rubbished perceptions that the people of Lofa County have planned massive protests against President George M. Weah’s pending Lofa County tour. He assured the President of the County’s commitment to give him a rousing reception to the county on June 3, 2021.

The assurance by Supt. Tamba comes amidst public perception that the people of Lofa are preparing a massive protest to greet the President’s visit to the county for the delay of the certification of former Defense Minister Brownie J. Samukai by the National Election Commission (NEC), having won the County’s senatorial seat during the December 8, 2020 midterm senatorial election.  It was also speculated that the people of Lofa have organized to isolate themselves from activities attending the tour of the county by the President.

But Superintendent Kamba emphasized that the momentum and enthusiasm among the citizens to receive the president in to the county are increasing by that day and night.

“Lofa will give the president the highest reception more than any other county in Liberia; we are in full support of the President’s visit to our county and we will remain vigilant, focused and committed to his development programs,” Supt. Kamba said.

He made the disclosure yesterday, Thursday, May 20, 2021 in an interview with this paper at the Ministry of Internal Affairs where he had visited apparently in preparation and anticipation of the protocols concerning the ensuing visit of the President to Lofa.

The Lofa County Superintendent said there are several factors that will lead Lofans to turn out in numbers to receive President Weah with excitement, saying one of the reasons to be that the people of the county have benefited immensely from the administration of President Weah more than any other government in term of presidential appointments and other developments. Superintendent Kamba averred, “We have realized that our sons and daughters have been considered more for appointment to top positions in this present government than others, disregarding the consideration that this is a government that Lofa did not support during the elections in 2017”.

“We have recognized as  a county that the establishment of 216 metric tons of rice mill  in Lofa County; we have also appreciated the peace and stability we have enjoyed upon the resolution of an 82-year-old land conflict amongst the citizens which has culminated to the citizens living peacefully together as a result of the government’s intervention”, Kamba said.

He further disclosed that President Weah is currently building the George Weah Peace Hall in Foya District, a Hall that will be used for peace programs by Lofans amongst other activities.

The Superintendent recounted that there are several road projects that are ongoing, adding that the President will revisit Foya District upon the completion of the George Weah Peace Hall for dedication.

“This is a district where the former vice president Joseph N Boakai came from, a man who served twelve years in the Unity party-led government as Vice President of the Republic of Liberia without showing anything tangible in terms of development in Foya and Lofa County at Large,” Supt. Kamba lambasted.

Superintendent Kamba, warned those who are trading with lies against their own county about the President’s visit to Lofa to desist because they are not part of the planning process of activities of Lofa.

He disclosed that they are working diligently on the Lofa Road to ensure the success of the President’s visit to the county.

“We are working day by day, making sure that everything is set for the president’s visit;  we have machines on the road working making sure that the roads are in good conditions, so that the issue of roads cannot and will not stop the President’s visit to Lofa,” Supt. Kamba Asserted.

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