By: Matthew Turry

In the wake of the decision of the Government of India to reestablish its full diplomatic mission with a substantive Ambassador in charge,  the Indian Community in Liberia has honored Mr. Upjit S. Sachdeva alias (Mr. Jeety) who has been overseeing the country’s interest as an Honorary Consul General in Liberia for his successful tenure in that capacity and services rendered the community and people of Liberia at a gathering held at the Farmington Hotel , Robertsfield, Margibi County on Sunday , February 21, 2021.

Giving the introduction of the program the CEO of the T. Choithson and Son, Mr. Mahendra Shasine expressed delight over the humanitarian work of Mr. Jeety as the Indian Consul General in Liberia where he endeavored to seek the welfare of the Indian community by forging greater unity and cooperation among them as well as empowering both Indian residents in Liberia and those who later came in to do business.

He said Mr. Jeety who was appointed Honorary Counsel General of India to Liberia in 1998 recorded so many success stories that history will not forget him in hurry as he brought a lot of pride to the Indian community such that they were well respected among other nationals in the country. He further narrated that Mr. Jetty related well with government of Liberia and made the community to be counted as one of major development partners to the government and people of Liberia.  To crown this meaningful achievements, Mr. Shasine said Mr. Jetty is the first Indian national to have been honored with the highest in any African country when he was bestowed with Liberia’s Highest Award of the KNIGHT GRAND COMMANDER.

Also at the occasion, a lot of encomiums were poured on Mr. Jetty by individual members of the Indian community who gave various testimonies of his generosity, kind heartedness and good leadership quality that tremendously impacted on the lives, welfare and business interests of the Indian people in Liberia. They appealed to him to continue doing well for the community.  At the same time, members of the Indian community gave their testimonies about how Jeety is of great help to the Indian Community in Liberia, and appealed to him to continue his kindhearted gesture. They maintained that they see him as their greatest help in Liberia.

In Responding, Mr. Jeety recounted his struggles in Liberia since the 90s, and how he risks his life every time for his countrymen. He reminisced some of his encounters with rebels during the civil crisis, how he risked his life to served Indians, Liberians and humanity during the Ebola crisis and the provision of cooked meal to the needy, which started little earlier before the Coronavirus pandemic could hit the nation.Mr. Jeety assured his fellow Indians that, in spite of being relieved of the title, he still remains the MR. JEETY as they used to know,  his phone numbers still remain active and his services still unhindered, describing himself as a man on mission for humanity. He thanked the Indian government for affording him the opportunity to serve, which he did with passion, and extended appreciation to the government and the people of Liberia for the maximum cooperation he received during his tenure.

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