WHAT HAPPENED? I turned my computer on, and this headline from the online version of the Daily Observer newspaper came screaming at me; ‘We Acted Wrongly’ – Sen. PYJ. Was I surprised? NO, I was not because this is how we as a people have carried on for as long as I have lived in this country. The mentality of “damage his/her hard-earned reputation and we can apologize later on” has permeated our culture and society to the extent that we have become immune to the pains that these lies may cause for other people. So, I am not surprised at all, especially when the news is coming from Senator Prince Y. Johnson of Nimba County. Let me be quick to indicate here that mentioning Nimba County does not in any way bring into disrepute the name and reputation of the people of the county. This is about Senator Prince Y. Johnson and his fellow lawmakers who acted on their own.

SINCE WHEN? On March 29, 2019, former Justice Kabineh Ja’neh was impeached by the National Legislature for “Misconduct, abuse of public office, wanton abuse of judicial discretion, fraud, misuse of power and corruption.” I want to believe that Senator Prince Y. Johnson participated in all of the proceedings up to the vote that sealed former Justice Ja’neh’s fate. Started in the House of Representatives and concluded by the House of Senate, Senator Johnson had all the time in the world to have read Psalm 90:10-12 and apply its requisite meaning to the situation. Is he wrong for doing so now? No! This is what we are used to as a people in Liberia; “damage control.” The senator is well aware that this is the reason why he is engaging us as a people in this form and manner. Remember: December 8, 2020, Midterm Elections for the legislatures is fast approaching.

WHY NOW? I am deeply convinced that Senator Johnson had enough resources to point him and his colleagues to the rightful path where “wisdom” was waiting for them. Could it be that they all were blinded by the “envelopes” that accompanied such lobbying for votes? If no one knows how former Chief Justice the late Chea Cheapoo, Sr., was removed from office, it was staged. Senator Johnson should know. That is enough “wisdom,” plus Psalm 90:10-12, which he needed to act on six months ago. Is it too late for him to be jolted back to his senses? No! Is he playing the Liberian people because of the December 8, 2020, Midterm Election that is fast approaching? Yes!

WHO IS NEXT? The local news networks are filled with accusations and counter accusations from across the spectrum as to who is doing the right and the wrong things. Campaign speeches are all about denigrating opponents’ character, however true or false such information may be. Rumors are flying around about the governance structure of our country; the Executive on the one hand, the Legislature and the Judiciary on the other. How many more times are we going to read these types of news headlines: ‘We Acted Wrongly’?

PLEASE, STOP!  In the Daily Observer story, Senator Johnson is quoted as saying “if indeed they had wisdom, they could not have impeached Ja’neh not knowing that there is another higher court called the Economic Community of West Africa (ECOWAS) Court of which Liberia is a member.” How bedeviled is this statement coming from the person who represented Liberia at the ECOWAS Parliament for several years? Stop playing with us (Liberian People) simply because you think that when you say sorry, then that is enough.

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