Government must Break Silence on VP removal Rumors

IN THIS ERA of fake news and in this country that feeds of rumor mongering, it is reaching catastrophic proportion that Government continues to treat rather mutedly widespread reports about plot to prematurely remove the Vice President of the country, Madam Jewel Howard Taylor, from the administration. Though the issue of bad blood and attempts by President Weah to drop his Vice President of less than two years has been in the rumor mill for quite a while, the last few days have particularly witnessed an upsurge of strong public discourse around the rumors.
THAT THE GOVERNMENT of Liberia, or say the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism, is treating this troubling report which is being freely spoken of on the radio and mentioned in social media posts is quit worrisome and uncalled for. Axing an elected vice president of a country, whether true or not, has repercussions on national stability. This is particularly true for a political administration that derived from a heretofore heterogeneous coalition of forces. It has the potential to crystalize internal hate and bitterness amongst comrades and gives opponents lead-way to exploit and fan disharmony.
BY NOW, EVERY reasonable person would have thought that given the gravity of the implications of the situation, the Government through the Ministry of Information would have issue a statement to quiet the anxieties and mental unrests permeating the public space as a result of this unsavory rumor. The indifference of Government in this very grave matter as reflected in its near-perpetual silence is giving mixed signals with an aura of truth since silence, as it is often said, means consent.
BUT WE REFUSE to believe that such plans are afoot, lest to think that a government rocked by inherited social, economic and political burdens would add to the headaches. Perhaps it would be the work of detractors of the administration who are trying peddling mischief as to orchestrate mischief in the false hope of instigating internal squabble for political reasons.
WE ARE VERY certain that with the country hungering for stability and peace, particularly where the government is presently confronted with what appear to be reconciliation crisis after the recent impeachment of an influential member of the country’s Supreme Court, the George Manneh Weah administration would not afford additional headache. Many are now pleading for national reconciliation and peace which is necessary for political stability and economic growth. President Weah cannot afford to compound the situation.
MORE BESIDES, THE President and his Vice President have never been seen in direct altercation, verbal or otherwise; at least even the most investigative reporters are yet to report any friction of any time between the two officials, as would be the case in other troubled countries. During the electoral campaign and even after their emergence in political victory, both top officials of government are often seen in congenial moods at official functions.
WHAT IS MOST disturbing however is that public perceptions and rumors about the situation are growing in intensity in recent days and government’s spokespersons known for their rapid response to such unfounded gossips are yet to say a word. This is all that makes critical minds to think about the parlance, “Wherever there is smoke, there has got to be fire”.
OUR PLEA IS that the Government needs to make a statement on the matter. The Government needs to say clearly where it stands on the matter so that all the political shenanigans being fanned out there and the negative impact it has got on peace and stability of the country. And if there is some true in this, we also plea for the government to desist attempting severing the Vice President prematurely. Not only does it have the potential to increase growing reconciliation problems in the country, it gives an odd image of our democracy and Liberia’s relations with the open world.

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