Fmr. Supt. Sneh Wants Dev. For In Grand Kru County -Joins LP; Sees 2020 As Determining Factor

By Matthew H. Turry

In a bid to score political success in the ensuing Senatorial race in Grand Kru, former Grand Kru County Superintendent Rosaline Sneh says she prompted to leave the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) for the Liberty Party, stating that she is not willing to stay with loser in the ensuing electoral processes.

Madan Sneh, a onetime MOVEE Representative Candidate, further stated that Movement for Economic Empowerment is not prepare to take state power.

The former Grand Kru county executive leader, who spoke to The ANALYST over the weekend in Monrovia, said MOVEE did not gave the full support during the past process when she contested one of the seats for the County during the 2011 legislative process.

Madam Sneh pointed out that she wants to make a difference in changing the trend of development in Grand Kru and the rest of the country, a reason for which she said she had departed MOVEE to join the ranks and file of the Liberty Party.

She extols the executives of the opposition Liberty Party for the warm welcome accorded her and her colleagues when they joined the party on, the 1st of June at the party head quarter, saying. “The Liberty Party prepare to lead and govern.”

The new Liberty Party convert also said the people of Grand Kru have not been treated fairly by their legislators over the past.  ‘’I just feel sorry for my people because, they have not been treated fairly by the country in the democratic and governance process.”

Madam Sneh added that she is pleased to join the Liberty Party, which is by attachment a member of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP).

Former Grand Kru County superintendent aspires to the Grand Kru County Seat in the Senate during 2020 mid-term Senatorial election expected to be held during the last quarter of the year.

Commenting on her chances, Madam Sneh said the 2020 senatorial process will be the determining factor for the people of Grand Kru County to vote her, adding that she has carried implemented lots of development programs when she served as Superintendent in the county during the Ellen-led government.

“Because of this, the people of Grand Kru are beckoning me to run, as they see me as their best choice for the County in the upcoming mid-term Senatorial election.”

Explaining further, she said she feels that the people of Grand Kru County will elect her in the pending election as the forward match for the development of the county, pointing out that their Legislators over the past years have not prioritize development projects for the county, and therefore deserve to enjoy the benefit of their votes this time around.”

During her recent visit to Grand Kru, she said she was heartily welcome by the people due to the service she rendered them during her tenure of service as superintendent.

She then vowed to take Liberty party and the CPP to the county. ‘’I am prepared to spread the good news of the party; I will deliver LP in Grand Kru like I did for the former ruling Unity party in the County. I toke Unity Party twice in Grand Kru and Madam Sirleaf won 2005 and 2011;   and I will do the same to LP or CPP as well’’.

She then concluded by urging the National Government to be impartial and transparent in the expected Senatorial election this year. “There should be transparency in conducting electoral process,” she added.

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