Cummings Consoles George Floyd’s Family -Calls for African Solutions to Continental Issues

MONROVIA – In the wake of the untimely killing of an Afro-American George Floyd by a white policeman and other acts of racial discrimination perpetrated against the black race in Chana and other parts of the world, a Liberian politician has called on current and aspiring African leaders to be inspired and determined to build a thriving and vibrant African continent of opportunity.

The ANC’s Alexander B. Cummings asserts that building a thriving and vibrant African continent will ensure that all Africans don’t feel compelled to leave the shores of the continent.

Mr. Cummings who is also Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) – an opposition political bloc in Liberia, was addressing a situation in the United States, where a white policeman killed an African-America, the late George Floyd. The killing of Floyd proved a demonstration by black Americans who feel that the killing was a product of racial discrimination against African-Americans. The alleged killer of Floyd was since arrested and charged with third degree murder and manslaughter.

Speaking to the situation in a press statement yesterday, Cummings said “It is important that we provide the quality of life needed for our people to thrive in our respective countries and on the continent as their countries are the only places they cannot be deported from.”

According to the ANC leader “We have the human capital and natural resources to make our continent the envy of the world, but we continue to do the same things decades after decades and expect different results.”

Consoling the Floyd’s family for the death of their son, Cummings noted, “Yesterday the world watched as George Floyd, an African-American male, killed by a white police officer in the United States, was laid to rest by his family, friends, and loved ones. This incident has become the tipping point for race relations around the world and provided hope to many as the beginning of much-needed policy reforms and change.”

Cummings indicated further, “As we observe what is happening with our African-American brothers in the United States, and what also recently happened in China to Africans and all other parts of the world, we must stop looking to the Americans and Chinese and Europeans to always do for us…”

Rather, the Liberian politicians wants African leaders to take ownership of their challenges and address them.

“We must take care of our people; improve our schools, hospitals, roads, economy and livelihood. Some nations on the continent are leading in this effort, but we must all follow and it is never too late to do so,” Mr. Cummings said.

He maintained that it is only then, that citizens will not have to choose dealing with racism abroad to have access to opportunities, compared to living at home in poverty and suffering.

“No one should be left with those options. As leaders, we must do better and the time is now.

May God receive the soul of George Floyd and bless all other victims and survivors of racial inequality around the world,” Mr. Cummings concluded.

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