CU Board Honors Outgoing President -Lauds Efforts at improving the Cuttington University

By Patrick S. Tokpah, in Bong County

The Board of Trustees of Cuttington University has recognized the outgoing President of the institution, Dr. Herman B. Browne, who officially departed the corridors of Cuttington University upon the commemoration of this year’s convocation which took place on March 12, 2021.

The recognition of the Out-going President was performed by the Acting Chairman of Cuttington Board of Trustee, Mr. Benoni Urey for his many developmental undertaking at the University. The CU Board Chairman said even as Dr. Browne was leaving, his unprecedented legacies at the institution will remain to impact people who are connected to Cuttington one way or the other.

“What remains quite amazing about Dr. Brown, which will continuously inspire his generation are his virtues, determination, and great sense of humility to serve his fellow humans with passion and dignity”, Mr. Urey recounted.

The CU Board Chair historicized the tenure of the Liberian educator at the University where he served as the successor to Dr. Henrique Flomo Tokpa, following the interim Presidency of Dr. Evelyn S. Kandakai. Urey indicated that Dr. Brown served a five-year term that commenced from August 2016 and ended on March 12, 2021 successfully with distinction thereby receiving accolades from the world of Cuttington for the commitment and enthusiasm he displayed while leading the institution. He said Dr. Browne served the University with great distinction and an exuberant spirit of leadership with profound quality

“Even though there were a number of challenges recorded during his tenure as President of the University, he managed to sail in the midst of all those, applying his administrative wisdom and reasoning power. During his tenure, there were series of administrative disagreements and strike actions led by students and workers of the University as a result of contentious issues often raised”, Mr. Urey said

In spite of those challenges, Mr. Urey recollected the outgoing President’s major achievements during his five-year term which includes 13 non-working months, when he noted that Dr. Browne strategically played his part in advancing the University in several areas, including physical and digital environment creation, academics, administrative Initiatives, and institutional linkages with other nationally and internationally recognized institutions in Liberia and aboard.

Urey named institutions Dr. Brown linked the Cutting University to as the Tubman  University, Liberian Association of Psycho-social Services, Liberia Animal Welfare and conservation society, Bong County Technical College  all of these instructions in Liberia, Jiangsu University in China and Mississippi State University in the USA.

In the direction of strengthening academic programs at Cuttington University, Mr. Urey gave the instance where Dr. Brown sought and secured the Board’s approval on the establishment of the psychosocial counseling program that is currently running at advanced certificate levels at the University.

Additionally, Mr. Urey further recounted that the outgoing Cuttington President further ensure the that software coding program is offered by the school; revised the academic catalogue, introduced trails to improve students reading, writing, and thinking skills, extended partial scholarship to valedictorians from all Episcopal high schools and top five students with the highest average graduating from high schools within Bong County region where the University main campus is situated.  Dr. Brown, at the same time, localized and decentralized the University’s baccalaureate services as well as a disaggregated commencement convocation amongst others.

Projecting Cuttington and allowing it to fit within the 21st century lifestyles in terms of infrastructure, Dr. Browne, among many other infrastructural developments, constructed a 25km pavement at CU Suakoko campus, procured a 500 KVA generator for the main campus in Suakoko, and increased the size of the Ferguson Hall by 30% capacity addition

There were also a number of facilities provided and improved at the CU Junior College in Kakata, as well as the Graduate School in Monrovia and the main campus in Suakoko, the CU Board chair enumerated.

He said in addition to Dr. Brown’s indelible marks, Urey said his administration witnessed the renovation and expansion of the William V. S. Tubman Library and the construction of five new faculty houses in Suakoko done by USAID.

“Lest we forget, Dr. Browne’s immeasurable achievements as President of CU will be always be a reminiscent part of our memories of him; indeed, his generous love for his fellow men is something that remains consummate! Besides, it must be acknowledged that his focus on what was good for Cuttington always remained Paramount,” Mr. Urey said

Meanwhile, the Board through its acting chairman, Benoni W. Urey has accepted the resignation letter from Dr. Herman Browne, but, the acting Board Chairman has appealed to the outgoing President of the University to remain in the corridors of the University until April, when the Board will appoint his successor to head the University.

For his part, the Cuttington University outgoing President lauded the Board of Trustees of the University for the opportunity provided him to serve the oldest private Faith based institution in the Country. Dr. Browne accepted the appealed from the Board of the University to still on until April of this year.

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