Crusaders Call for Political Ceasefire -Launches ‘Show Love’ Campaign against Hate Speeches

The Liberia Crusaders for Peace (LPC) in collaboration with media institutions has launched another gigantic peace initiate code named ‘Show Love’, with a called for politicians and other state actors to cease fire on harsh rhetoric and to discourage the actions of proxy or hired agitators and instigators.
The ‘Show Love’ campaign which will run throughout this month of April is a component of a long running program organized by the LCP known as the Liberia Patriotic Initiative aimed at advocating for the return of moral virtues, morality, good citizenship, value system, discipline, cordiality and positive behaviors posture to the country especially among the youth.
Serving as keynote speaker at the occasion, the Executive Director of the Infinitive Corporation (Power FM/TV), Mr. Aaron Kollie, observed that there is too much distrust and mistrust in the society which to a larger extent reduce the country’s value system to its lowest ebb. “There is a need for national redemption and recovery, and a push to change our current narrative that has become too polarized,” he intimated.
The veteran Liberian broadcaster asserted: “Our nation’s political discourse has become so toxic, chaotic, acrimonious, rambling and incendiary, resembling an all-time political campaign season that must summon our collective resolve, to immediately ceasefire and proffer a way forward.”
According to him, the strength of the nation lies in the diversity of Liberians; and as such, our diversity must propel us to be tolerant, and not hateful of each other being mindful that we are all stakeholders in the wellbeing of Liberia for socio, economic and political growth.
He indicated that advances in technology that are supposed to elevate that society, are seemingly being negatively exploited by a segment of the society, thus lowering our national pride, dignity and morality. “Hate speech and conduct that do not appeal to a wholesome interest, threatening our collective security, should be discouraged and discounted” he added.
Mr. Kollie stressed that even the airwaves, are the public property and should not be willfully abused as moral and moderate voices of our society must speak up directly to the power that be and to the whole nation to advert any potential or foreseeable national calamity.
Speaking earlier, the convener of the event, the Executive Director of the Liberia Crusaders for Peace, Ambassador Julie Endee, narrated that having conducted a survey throughout the country, it was realized that the country is being torn apart by awful behaviors and attitudes exhibited by people, mainly youth in the society. She disclosed that the survey revealed that the moral fabric of the nation has seriously broken down with disrespect for authorities and the elderly on the rampage while violence in its various forms has permeated the society.
She noted that these, including ingratitude, disrespect, and animosity, as well as celebration of people’s death and defamation of people’s characters are early warning signals that should be tackled in order to redeem the morality and to uphold the sanctity of the nation.
Several prominent Liberians who also spoke at the program include River Gee Senator, Conmany Wesseh; the President of the National Bar Association of Liberia, Cllr. Tiawon Gongloe; Liberty Party Stalwart Darius Dillon; Chief Cyril Allen; Rev. J. Emmanuel Bowier among others.

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